Prefects at DHS

The DHS Prefect system dates back to the first few years of the school, nearly 150 years ago.

Prefects fulfil a vital role at the school: they act as role-models to the rest of the learner body, they provide leadership to the boys, and they help maintain the ethos and traditions of Durban High School… as well as helping to maintain discipline in a large school in which members of staff cannot be everywhere at once!

There is a rigorous selection procedure for prefectship. To qualify for consideration, the boys must have completed their community service in Grades 8, 9, 10 and 11, and must have been appointed as mentors in their Grade 11 year. Every applicant is interviewed by a panel of senior staff. Every boy in the school votes for the prefects of their choice. Every member of staff indicates whether they strongly support, are neutral, or strongly disapprove of every candidate on the list, providing reasons for their choice. All of this information is put together into a selection matrix, and the Prefect selection panel then makes their choices.

The body consists of one Head Prefect, two Deputy Prefects and between 23 and 28 prefects. At DHS we have been very fortunate to have Head Prefects of outstanding calibre.

Prefects 2017


Head Prefect
Phendulani Buthelezi

Deputy Head Prefects
Matthew Henley
Thomas Kempen


Sarfaraaz Adham
Sean Barnes
Jaydon Beru
Luthando Buthelezi
Ashvir Debba
Blake Elliot
Kamvelihle Fatyela
Liam Green
Gareth Jackman
Nischay Jairaj
Onke Jiba
Luthando Jojo
Seth Kidgell
Michael Kyprou
Rylan Naicker
Kribashan Naidoo
Tonderai Ndudzo
Sandile Nduzi
Calvin Newton
Sanele Nohamba
Cham Zondeki

Blackmore House Prefects

Head Prefect:
Phendulani Buthelezi

Sandile Nduzi

Sean Barnes
Luthando Buthelezi
Khamvelihle Fatyela
Onke Jiba
Luthando Jojo
Tonderai Nduduzo
Sanele Nohamba

House Prefects

Head of House: Blake Elliott
Prefects: Mathew Jonathan, Ngoie-Lukonga Joyce

Head of House: Ashvir Debba
Prefects: Michael Kyprou, Kribashan Naidoo

Head of House: Jaydon Beru
Prefects: Lloyd Darsheill Naicker, Sem Kim-Kayembe

Head of House: Christopher Coleman
Prefects: Caden Stroh, Aphiwe Hlope

Head of House: Matthew Henley
Prefects: Liam Green, Calvyn Newton

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