Electives Programme


The Electives Programme has been introduced to provide the boys of Durban High School with the opportunity to develop vital skills that are not necessarily addressed in the normal school curriculum.

These include critical and entrepreneurial thinking, problem solving and creativity.

Electives have been carefully chosen to support the normal school curriculum and to address one or more of the areas listed below.

DIY (9) Elective
“The function of education is to teach one to think intensively and to think critically.
Intelligence plus character – that is the goal of true education.”

Martin Luther King, Jr

Electives that put theory into practice

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Boys apply practical knowledge they have learnt in subjects such as Mathematics, Physical Sciences and Life Sciences to skills like Rocket Building and First Aid.

Rocket Building requires an understanding of fundamental concepts in Physics and Mathematics, whilst First Aid puts areas of Life Sciences into practice.

Electives that prepare boys for Tertiary Education

These electives emphasise the cognitive tools that our boys need when transitioning from secondary education to tertiary education.

Teaching critical thinking concentrates on teaching methodology rather than the content of the work to be covered.

All electives in this category use methodologies that engage boys in higher order thinking such as critical analysis and interpretation of evidence.

Boys learn to logically and systematically apply this to challenges that they might encounter in a tertiary environment.

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Electives that prepare boys for the working world

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Not all our boys move on to tertiary education. It is therefore important that the Electives Programme provides relevant courses that provide a foundation of skills that boys can use in the working world.

Entrepreneurial electives provide boys with the opportunity to develop entrepreneurial thinking that would be expanded into actual entrepreneurial initiatives in the future.

Electives, such as AutoCAD, Online Learning and Sailing, offer skills and certifications that can be used immediately after school.

Electives that develop citizenship and cultural intelligence

An important skill required to succeed both at tertiary institutions and in the working world is the ability to function within a multi-cultural environment.

Cultural Intelligence is developed through a carefully constructed programme that identifies the building blocks required to develop and enhance social skills.

Electives include languages, active citizenship, Toastmasters and community engagement.


Electives that enhance sporting and artistic skills

Water Polo Boys

There are two different types of academies, namely the Sports Academy and Performing Arts Academy.

Sports Academy:

  • The Sports Academy focuses on the six core sports offered at Durban High School:  Aquatics,  Basketball, Cricket, Football, Hockey and Rugby.
  • Boys in Grade 8-11 select and sign up for their preferred sport.

Performing Arts Academy: 

  • The Performing Arts Academy provides boys with a basic understanding of performance through an entirely practice based approach.
  • This elective covers choreography, acting and singing skills separately, as well as a collaboration of the three.
  • The elective also forms the basis of a major production, and any other performances that may arise during the year.

Available Electives

Two semesters of Electives are run during the course of the year, the first beginning in January and the second in July.

Boys have the opportunity to change their Elective for the second semester.

Available Elective Subjects:

ASHOKA Entrepreneurship
First Aid
Game Programming
Online Learning
Photoshop Public Speaking
President’s Award
School Enterprise Challenge
Social Cohesion
Sport Academies
Zulu Conversational

AP Maths
Community Engagement
Environmental Sustainability
Hilton Hospitality Program
International Studies
Performing Arts Academy
Principles of Flight
Science Club
Sound & Lighting
TLT (Leadership)

Academic Support Classes:

Accounting, Languages, Life Sciences, Mathematics, Natural Sciences, Physical Sciences, Visual Art, Geography

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