Staff at DHS

Our staff members are passionate about their fields, and take care to ensure that the learning environment is conducive to a full understanding and exploration of the subjects taught, backed up by a strong moral and ethical code, excellent facilities and management of class sizes to an average of less than 30.

With a staff complement of 67 educators DHS is committed to providing a holistic and professional academic service to our pupils as they prepare for the real world that awaits them after their Grade 12 year.

Pinheiro Cropped

Mr A D Pinheiro
Head Master

Managemant Staff

The management staff of DHS form part of an integral relationship between pupils, parents, educators and administration.

Mr A D Pinheiro
Deputy Principal:
Mrs M Vermaak
Deputy Head Master:
Mr W A Norton
Deputy Head Master:
Mr G Goodwin
Business Manager:
Mr C Green


Heads of Department (HODs):
Mrs J du Preez:
History, Geography, Life Orientation and Social Sciences
& Grade 10 Academic Head
Mr S Bodasing:
English, Afrikaans, isiZulu, Dramatic Arts
& Grade 12 Academic Head
Mr I Lewis:
Visual Arts, Graphic Design, Creative Arts, Technology
& Grade 9 Academic Head
Mrs T Neave:
Accounting, Business Studies, Economics, EMS
& Grade 11 Academic Head
Mr R Smyth:
Mathematics, Physical Sciences, Life Sciences, Natural Sciences, Information Technology
& Grade 8 Academic Head







Grade Heads:
Grade 8: Mr S Cele
Grade 9: Mrs S Nagiah
Grade 10: Mrs H Hardy
Grade 11: Mrs M Girodo
Grade 12: Mrs H Henley

Teaching Staff

The teaching staff of DHS remain the core focus of our school, delivering excellent education to our pupils.

Mr Adam (Head of Learner Support, Head of Blackmore House)
Mr A Baijoo
Mr M Balkissoon
Ms J Bibin
Ms M Bisschoff (Vocational Guidance)
Ms K Brown
Mr J Denny
Mrs C Dickinson (Cambridge & Nonpareil Academy)
Ms L du Buisson
Mr J Flanagan
Ms S Francis
Mr L Girodo
Mrs A Glossop
Mr W Goodwin
Ms E Goring
Mr E Govender
Mr B Green (Head of Discipline)
Ms S Jamal
Ms G Joshua
Ms J Kistiah
Ms L le Roux
Mr T Liddell (Head of Prefects, Head of Mentors)
Mr R Lombard
Mr S Mathie (Director of Rugby)
Ms L Meyer
Ms Z Mtshali

Ms K Nagan
Mr D Naidoo
Mr D S Naidoo
Ms S Rabilall
Mrs K Reddy
Mr D Robben
Mr R Shore
Ms P Sibisi
Mr D Sibson
Ms S Singh
Ms K Smith
Ms K Sprunt
Mr J Stengel
Ms M Subbiah
Mr G Surtees
Ms A Sutherland
Mr E Thomas
Mr T Vawda
Ms M Watermeyer
Mr W Wehrmeyer

Administrative Staff

Our team of administration staff are dedicated to ensuring that all facets of the school run smoothly, year in and year out.

Music Centre:
Ms N Rungan – Director of Music, Head of Chris Seabrooke Music Centre
Ms Z Mdletshe – Music Administrator

Sport Staff:
Mr N Pillay – Director of Sport
Mr M Baker – Director of Hockey
Mr S Bezuidenhout – Director of Football
Mr S La Marque – Director of Water Polo
Mr A Shedlock – Director of Cricket
Mr L Zulu – Director of Basketball
Mr F Genade – Sports Administrator
Mr M Mxoli – Conditioning
Mr C Levin – Functions Bookings
Mr M Pina – Intern

Media Centre:
Ms G Woods – Assistant
Mrs L Worth – Head Librarian

Mrs S Poole – Accountant
Mr N Tembe – Accounts Assistant
Mrs D Dicks – Fees Administrator
Ms S Coetzee – Payroll Administrator

Mrs C Harrison – Head Master’s Secretary
Mrs H Downham – Learner Records
Mrs P Nozaic – Receptionist/Admissions
Ms S Mabija – Receptionist/Admissions
Mr E Nxumalo – Printing Supervisor
Mr M Ngcongo – Printing Assistant

Laboratory Assistants:
Mr C Moodley
Mr N Moodley

Mr S La Marque – Head of Marketing
Ms S Drew – Communications
Mr B Coskey – PR
Mr S van Rensburg – Recruitment
Mr L Matthysen – DHS TV

Ms C Luthuli – Functions
Ms N Majozi – Functions Assistant

Blackmore House:
Ms R Hellenberg – House Mother
Ms C Jokazi – Laundry
Ms R Mncwabe – Laundry
Mr N Mkhize – Maintenance

Ms Z Zukulu – Cleaning Supervisor

Estate & Maintenance Staff:
Mr G Alyward – Estate Manager
Mr J Sibiya – Maintenance
Mr S Mtshali – Nduna
Mr M Ncwane
Mr E Khumalo
Mr B Ndlovu
Mr Z Ntombela
Mr E Nxumalo
Mr L Sibiya

D6 Communicator