About Durban High School

DHS leads boys on their journey to become men and take their place in the world. We have a lineage of well rounded young men reaching back since 1866. Each boy is as unique as his journey, and DHS is proud to be part of the making of both history and the future. More than just a high school, DHS becomes a way of life for many of its learners, to which its  strong Old Boys network is testament.

Embracing a heritage of excellence, DHS is shaping the future by producing young men who excel in all areas of life – Academic, Sporting, Cultural and Leadership. In each of these areas, we offer unsurpassed facilities; Our award winning media centre,  fully functional theatre, indoor cricket centre, music school and Maths & Science centre being just some of the highlights.  The School has provided a safe, clean, caring and well-organised school climate that has always been conducive to learning. DHS offers a progressive assessment system that supports good instruction. It has always striven for high levels of parent and community involvement and support. In the sporting arena, DHS has always excelled. Its learners have always ranked among the best young sportsmen in the city and province. Many of them have gone on to become leading figures on the national sporting scene.  Blackmore House, our boarding establishment, is located on the school grounds and provides a home from home for many boys.

Durban High School Heritage


In 2016 DHS celebrated its rich history spanning 150 years. History confirms that the men who have emerged from DHS since its humble beginnings in a small building in Smith Street, Central Durban in 1866, have been the product of a real, meaningful and relevant education. This has been a process that has instilled: discipline, the value of an inquiring mind, critical thinking, far-ranging knowledge and how to tell the difference between wrong and right. Their intellectual capabilities have been stretched and challenged; their world view has been expanded and balanced.

A quick glance at the alumni of Durban High School reveals that a certain indomitable spirit has prevailed. In almost every sector of society far and wide: in politics, sport, business leadership, the arts and education … thousands of DHS Old Boys have excelled, often in more than one discipline. When the time has come to take a stand on the side that is morally right, but not necessarily always the most popular, DHS men have invariably stepped up to the mark, displaying physical courage, tenacity, authority and emotional maturity. DHS boys are steeped in a tradition of excellence; they become well-rounded individuals – ready willing and capable of making a positive difference to society.

Our DHS Mission

Durban High School strives to develop responsible, motivated young men with strong moral convictions and integrity, who, possessing self-discipline and courage, are capable of leading with strength and compassion to meet the challenges of the future.

Our ethos enables us to realize individual potential in Academics, Sport, Cultural Activities, Leadership, Outdoor Experiences, and Service to the Community. We pride ourselves on achieving this by the nurturing of loyalty and respect, the honouring of all relationships, and through a commitment to hard-work, in a secure environment which embraces the diversity of South Africa.