This POF course follows the syllabus content as laid out in the South African Civil Aviation Authority (SA CAA) Civil Aviation Technical Standards (CATS) Part 61 . It involves theory briefings using a data projector and computer software slides and digital video presentations of accident analysis. Assessment tools include practical exercises using a learner workbook, self-analysis exercises and group discussions. The course culminates with a test on each module.


1. Learning material will be provided in the form of a learner manual and presentations will be conducted using PowerPoint.
2. The course is to be broken down into …modules
3. On the conclusion of each module the Facilitator will complete the theory section of the evaluation / assessment report.
4. The learner will complete a multiple-choice examination on conclusion of the course.
5. The results will be assessed and sent for moderation.

This POF course has been structured to meet the requirements of the SACAA syllabus. The course duration is assembled in the following manner:
 20 hours of theory briefings
 10 hours of self-study time (completion of workbook)
 1 hour final examination
Each module’s time allocation is specified in the following pages.
The POF course has been designed to address the training needs of High School Learners who have an interest in flight operations and piloting. This course affords the learner an insight into the theory and practical application thereof in preparing for the Private Pilot Licence POF examination. In progressing through each unit, you will be able to relate the requirements to practical situations by following examples and going through exercises. This document contains information on training and operational application of POF principles and strategies during flight operations. This document focuses mainly on preparing the learner pilot for the SACAA Private Pilots Licence (PPL) POF Examination.

On completion of this course the candidate should demonstrate an understanding of POF theory in accordance with the prescribed standards and regulations.

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