Mentorship Programme

Grade 11 boys are given the opportunity to mentor new boys to the school each year. New boys are helped to find their niche in the school through this established mentorship system.

Groups of 3-4 Grade 8 boys are assigned to a Grade 11 mentor. Many of the Mentors have also been through Peer Advisor Core Training to ensure they are equipped to advise and mentor their peers.

The mentorship system has a number of very palpable benefits. Most importantly, every new boy to the school gets to have a “Big Brother” at DHS who can help him, guide him, and look out for him at school. This relationship benefits both parties: the junior has someone he can go to for help and advice at any time, and the senior can put into practice the leadership lessons of his past few years.

The boys get together for 20 minutes every Wednesday morning to discuss the current topic in the mentorship syllabus, and to deal with any other issues that come up. DHS shamelessly uses the mentorship syllabus to induct new boys into the ethos of our school. Some topics in the syllabus include: DHS traditions, respect, fairness, honesty and integrity, humility, courage, tolerance, empathy, bullying, peer pressure, goal setting, proper planning, work ethic, good manners and how to prepare for exams properly!