Sisonke Cultural Society

We are living in an ever increasing diverse and multicultural society. Our school is unique in that we have many cultures, which does not only relate to race and ethnicity, but also includes learners of different religions, economic status, language background and gender identity to name but a few.

There is always a holiday to celebrate the unique festivals of the various cultures and we at DHS selected 24 September to celebrate our Rainbow Nation. Sisonke – We are one is a cultural event celebrated with a week of events that honours our ethnicity and linguistic diversity.

The entire staff body work together by sharing and combining their expertise and talents to put together an amazing concert on the last night of festivities.

Every day different themes are decided upon and the staff, as well as the learners, embrace this with much gusto and enthusiasm. Traditional dress-up day, and the sampling of the different cuisine is, I think, the favourite.

Teachers and learners come out for an evening of fun to our multi diverse concert; after having walked around to view the creative art work of our learners.

Every item rendered depicted either a language or ethnic background through the art form of dance, music, the spoken word and mini plays.

Many parents have commented on how much they learnt whilst enjoying themselves; a journey they are not likely to forget easily and which we hope has ignited a lifelong curiosity about different cultures and an appetite for learners and their families to travel and explore other exotic worlds.

We certainly have reached our objective in involving parents, learners and teachers in our little world of diversity here on the DHS campus. This is a great opportunity for parents to see our school in the way the we do: WE ARE ONE!