Sport Facilities

We are very grateful at Durban High School to be blessed with some fantastic facilities, all of which are at our youngsters’ disposal.

Our three fields – Van Heerden, Nourse and Sanford – are in excellent condition and if you drive past, on any given day, you will find a game of Cricket, Rugby or Soccer being played in the afternoon.

The Dale McDermott Gym is an up-to-date facility, with an even balance of equipment focusing on core strength and the agility of the boys. The gym has recently been upgraded and we have started extending to the gym area directly outside of it.

Another recent addition to the gym is the Medical Centre. This area is the focal point on Match Days and houses all our medical equipment. The school physiotherapist and biokineticists practice from inside this area during the week and our boys do not have to leave the premises to seek these experts as they are available on certain mornings and afternoons in the Medical Centre.

The Adrian Hansen Squash Courts, two adjacent courts, have been the cornerstone and key to the success of the Squash programme at DHS, which has seen a revival over the past couple of years. With a renewed enthusiasm for the sport, you can find the courts busy every afternoon.

The Colonel A C Martin Swimming Bath is the only 50m swimming pool at a public school in KZN. The pool was opened in 1951 by Dr E G Jansen, Governor-General of The Union of South Africa, who was also a past pupil. This six lane pool boasts a graded shallow to deep end as well as a Water Polo arena. We are also fortunate that the whole pool is heated for the winter months. A floodlit pool, and a sight to behold in the evenings, it is busy from 5am to 8pm on most days.

Directly across the road from the school, on St Thomas Road, Basketball fixtures are hosted on our three Basketball courts, in a picturesque environment surrounded by trees. Basketball is one of the most popular sports at DHS and our courts have been home to some of the brightest talents in Africa for the past few years.

The Berea Lawn Tennis Club, also across the road from DHS on St Thomas Road, is home for one of the oldest existing tennis clubs in SA. We are deeply honoured to be involved with this elite club and to share the usage of the tennis courts. We have access to one floodlit court and three regular courts, which are available for our use during the day.

The Berea Lawn Tennis Club is also currently the home of the DHS Supporters Club and you could find a prominent Old Boy there catching up after a sports fixture.

The Riverside Astro is situated in Durban North and this beautiful facility is shared by three schools – Durban High School, Durban Preparatory High School and Our Lady of Fatima. We are proud to be one of the first schools in Durban to open an Astro turf. The Riverside Astro has proven to be the heart of KZN Hockey in recent years. Whilst we are extremely happy with this facility, steps are already in place to build an exclusive Astroturf on the school premises.