Sport at DHS

In its over one and a half centuries of existence, DHS has produced some of the finest sportsmen in their respective fields in the world. Batsmen who have delighted crowds with stroke play of timeless elegance, rugby players with flair and guts; other individuals who have excelled in water sports: surfing, life saving, water polo, canoeing and swimming. There have been golfers, tennis players, hockey players and the list goes on… Sport has always been important at DHS. It is an integral part of the School’s “Heritage of Excellence”. This is not just about being in the winning team and succeeding for the sake of success.

Yes, it is important to be competitive. However, being good at sport at DHS means far more than trouncing the opposition and covering oneself with glory. The best and most successful sportsmen, some of them world-famous, who came through this School have always been the individuals who learned to respect others and through that process, acquired their own self-esteem. These have been humble people who, through the medium of intense sporting rivalry, have gleaned some of the great lessons in life

“Learn life lessons every day.”
Hashim Amla Captain of the national Protea cricket team and rated as one of the top batsmen in the world

(DHS 2001)

At DHS, sport is the crucible where many life lessons are forged and permanently formed. How to win and lose graciously; how to pick a path on a difficult road; how to hold your head up high when all else around you is failing. These are some of the life lessons that the DHS sportsmen learn in the great sporting tradition of this School. There is space for every boy to benefit from sport here – not just the talented and brilliant – but also the average youth who may go further in other arenas, yet still needs and craves the physical return that only sport can offer.

With an exceptional track record in all sport disciplines, it comes as no surprise that we have excellent facilities and skilled coaches. Consequently, a number of talented individuals go on to build professional careers in the sport of their choosing.

We offer a dedicated Sports Academy that, run on an intra-curricular basis, specialises in rugby, cricket, football, hockey, water polo and basketball – with coaching as well as team opportunities for a variety of other sports. Through sports we instil the values of loyalty and respect; we underpin the meaning of achievement in equal measure with the meaning of good sportsmanship and teach that DHS sportsmen are always ambassadors for their School.

Our teams tour South Africa on a regular basis, with high levels of provincial and national representation by our boys. We have a proud history on the rugby field and in aquatics and have won SA Schools titles in surfing and canoeing in previous years. We have also fielded one of the best school basketball teams nationally. Our consistency as a major force in South African schools cricket continues from year to year, with DHS being recognised as one of the top cricket schools in the country, having produced many SA Schools and Springbok/Protea players, the highest number from one school in the country.

Sport at DHS

Durban High School offers a comprehensive sporting programme, catering for a wide variety of student interests. Sports currently available at DHS include