Staff at DHS

Our staff members are passionate about their fields, and take care to ensure that the learning environment is conducive to a full understanding and exploration of the subjects taught, backed up by a strong moral and ethical code, excellent facilities and management of class sizes to an average of less than 30.

With a staff complement of 67 educators DHS is committed to providing a holistic and professional academic service to our pupils as they prepare for the real world that awaits them after their Grade 12 year.

Pinheiro Cropped

Mr A D Pinheiro
Head Master

Managemant Staff

The management staff of DHS form part of an integral relationship between pupils, parents, educators and administration.

Mr A D Pinheiro
Deputy Head:
Mrs M Vermaak
Deputy Head Master:
Mr G Goodwin
Deputy Head Master:
Mr S Ngcongo
Business Manager:
Mr G Harris


Heads of Department (HODs):

Mr S Bodasing:
English, Afrikaans, isiZulu
Subject Head : English
Mr A Dudas (Acting):
History, Geography, Life Orientation and Social Sciences
Discipline Head : Grade 12
Subject Head : Geography
Mr B Green (Acting):
Accounting, Business Studies, Economics, EMS, Engineering Graphics & Design, Technology
Head of Discipline
Mr I Lewis:
Visual Arts, Dramatic Arts, Creative Arts, Music, Information Technology
Head of Grade 9

Mr R Smyth:
Mathematics, Physical Sciences, Life Sciences, Natural Sciences
Head of Grade 12







Heads of Grade:

Grade 8: Pastoral Head – Mr S Cele
Grade 9: Pastoral Head – Mr I Lewis
Grade 10: Pastoral Head – Mrs S Nagiah
Grade 11: Pastoral Head – Mrs H Henley
Grade 12: Pastoral Head – Mr R Smyth

Discipline Heads:
Head of Discipline: Mr B Green
Grade 10, 11 & 12: Mr E Govender
Grade 8 & 9: Ms Mrs M Girodo

Discipline Heads of Grade:
Grade 8: Mr J Beswick
Grade 9: Mr R Lombard
Grade 10: Mr L Girodo
Grade 11: Mr J Hulley
Grade 12: Mr A Dudas

Teaching Staff

The teaching staff of DHS remain the core focus of our school, delivering excellent education to our pupils.

Mr Adam (Head of Learner Support; Head of Electives Programme; Subject Head : Life Orientation)
Mr A Baijoo (Subject Head : Mathematics)
Mr M Balkissoon
Mr G Bennett
Ms J Bibin
Ms M Bisschoff (Vocational Guidance)
Mr P Botha (Subject Head : History)
Ms K Brown (Subject Head : Technology)
Ms S Browne (Subject Head : Dramatic Arts)
Dr S Clifton
Ms L Coppin (Manager : Seabrooke’s Theatre)
Mr S Cromie (Cambridge)
Mrs C Dickinson (Head of Cambridge & Nonpareil Academy)
Ms S Francis
Mr W Goodwin
Mr K Govindsamy
Ms J Hamilton
Mr M Jansen van Rensburg
Mrs T Jansen van Rensburg
Ms G Joshua (Head of Community Service)
Ms J Kistiah (Subject Head : Economics)

Dr A Mc Duling
Mr S Mncwango
Ms L Moodley (Cambridge)
Mr T Moodley
Ms Z Mtshali
Ms K Nagan (Subject Head : Accounting & EMS)
Mr D Naidoo
Ms L Ngobese
Ms S Rabilall
Mrs K Reddy (Subject Head : Life Sciences)
Ms N Rungan (Subject Head : Music)
Dr R Salmond
Mr R Shore
Ms E Sibisi (Subject Head : Mathematical Literacy)
Ms P Sibisi
Mr S Sityane
Ms M Subbiah (Subject Head : Visual Arts)
Mr G Surtees (Subject Head : Information Technology)
Ms A Sutherland
Mr E Thomas (Subject Head : Business Studies)
Mr L van Wyk
Ms M Watermeyer

Administrative Staff

Our team of administration staff are dedicated to ensuring that all facets of the school run smoothly, year in and year out.

Music Centre:
Ms N Rungan – Director of Music, Head of Chris Seabrooke Music Centre
Mr B Baker – Music Teacher & Administrator

Academic & Co-Curriculum Facilitators:
Mr N Pillay – Director of Sport
Mr M Baker – Director of Hockey
Mr S Bezuidenhout – Director of Football
Mr S La Marque – Director of Water Polo
Mr N le Roux – Director of Rugby
Mr F Lazarus – Director of Cricket
Mr L Zulu – Director of Basketball
Mr F Genade – Sports Administrator
Mr E Govender – Functions Bookings
Mr T Dudas – Intern
Mr W Khaliphi – Sport
Mr M Pina – Intern
Mr H Siyaya – Sport

IT & Media Centre:
Ms S Drew – IT Support & Communications
Mr K Zulu – IT Technician
Ms C Jokazi – Library Assistant

Mrs S Poole – Accountant
Mr N Tembe – Accounts Assistant
Mrs D Dicks – Fees Administrator
Ms S Coetzee – Payroll Administrator

Mrs C Harrison – Head Master’s Secretary
Mrs P Nozaic – Learner Records
Mrs S Singh – DoE Liaison
Ms S Mabija – Receptionist/Admissions
Mr E Nxumalo – Printing Supervisor
Mr M Ngcongo – Printing Assistant

Laboratory Assistants:
Mr C Moodley
Mr N Moodley

Mr S La Marque – Head of Marketing
Mr W Dlamini – Social Media/Marketing Assistant
Mr B Coskey – Admissions
Mr Goodwin – Recruitment

Mr E Govender – Functions Bookings
Ms C Luthuli – Functions
Ms N Majozi – Functions Assistant

Blackmore House:
Mr L Arde – Superintendent of Blackmore House
Ms R Hellenberg – House Mother
Ms C Jokazi – Laundry
Ms R Mncwabe – Laundry

Ms Z Zukulu – Cleaning Supervisor
Ms N Majozi

Estate & Maintenance Staff:
Mr G Alyward – Estate Manager
Mr J Sibiya – Maintenance
Mr S Mtshali – General Supervisor
Mr M Ncwane – General Assistant
Mr E Khumalo – General Assistant
Mr B Ndlovu – Pool Supervisor
Mr E Nxumalo – Grounds Assistant
Mr L Sibiya – Grounds Assistant

D6 Communicator