Grade 11 Work Experience

The grade 11 work experience is an annual event, which takes place over five days in the third term. DHS learners are privileged, since they are given time off the academic programme to engage in this valuable experience, which has proved to benefit them significantly since its inception in 2004.

Young men are often uncertain as to which career path to follow, therefore DHS has undertaken to give our learners practical exposure. This gives them insight into career opportunities, as well as widening their choice within their field of interest and capabilities. The experience and skills developed, places them in a better position for the job market.

Their job hunting skills are developed when they take responsibility in seeking employment. This exercise is a good marketing and networking strategy between DHS and industry. It has encouraged our learners to become bold over the years by exploring unusual careers as well working outside of South Africa’s borders. The DHS community have supported our learners by accommodating them in their places of employment and we trust that this will continue in future.
The programme has been successful over the years, where some of our learners have secured scholarships, in service training, part and full time employment as well as having their talent spotted for local and international sport.

Even though the work day is longer than a school day our learners find the experience beneficial and memorable. They have often requested for the programme to be extended.