Academic Support Centre

What is the ASC?

The Academic Support Centre (ASC) is the name given to our learning support programme because it is a 21st-century model providing hope for those who need that one-on-one nurturing support.

The ASC Team is made up of teachers and a Head of the Centre who is responsible for the overall running. There are therapists covering speech and language therapy, and occupational therapy as outsourced structures, should the need arise. We ensure that our learning support programme is individual to each boy’s specific needs so he can benefit optimally from our school curriculum. If your son has support needs, his learning support level will be ascertained on application and re-evaluated every term.

Focused Learning Support 

With early intervention, we can identify the boys who require learning support as early as possible. We maximize their individual capabilities using a strengths-based approach and developing self-guided learning.
Through this approach, DHS offers an empowering and enriching learning experience for boys with
different abilities, rather than one that is intimidating or discouraging.

We provide learning support for boys who experience:
1. Neurodiversity (e.g., specific learning disorders: dyslexia, dyspraxia, dysgraphia, and dyscalculia; neurodevelopmental differences: attention-deficit/ hyperactivity disorder)
2. Speech and/or literacy barriers
3. Memory and/or concentration barriers

ASC Values

  • Diversity: We recognise that each learner is unique, with individual strengths, challenges, interests, abilities and learning needs. DHS is committed to differentiating its educational programme to accommodate a spectrum of learning needs according to available resources.
  • Inclusivity: We support and celebrate diversity, equality, and collective belonging so every boy can feel secure and comfortable being himself at our school.
  • Progression: We recognise the learning differences in our learners, and we ensure access, active participation, and advancement of all boys by offering a comprehensive education of the highest standard. We help boys excel through appropriate curricula, software, teaching strategies, learning support and the use of resources and partnerships within the community.
  • Quality: We value the ongoing research, development, and improvement in the quality of support we provide.
  • Collaboration: We follow a collaborative approach which always considers the best interests of each boy.