Brave Generation Academy

What is BGA

BGA is a highly personalised and flexible education that guides learners towards their passions in a dynamic, collaborative classroom, supported by effective tutors and an active Learning Coach. In today’s interconnected world, learning should not be confined to the traditional classroom setting. Our concept embodies a more flexible, accessible, and dynamic approach to education.

The curricula we follow are recognised by the world’s leading universities as the gold standard of international education, fully integrated with projects and courses, creating a holistic learning experience that prepares Learners for the future. Our educational model is designed to empower Learners to reach their best future through three foundational dimensions: Knowledge, Skills and Community.

BGA Curricula

The American curriculum is offered through a partnership with the eCampus Academy and US University Pathways. It allows our Learners to earn a US high school diploma and enrol in an American college or university.

Cambridge International
This curriculum is grouped into the following levels: International GCSE (ages 14 to 16) and A-Levels (ages 16 to 18). Upon the completion of this curriculum, the Learners sit their A-Levels, through which they can apply directly to most universities in the world. BGA Dual Teacher Role: Learning Coaches and Course Managers.

We embrace a unique approach to education here at BGA, which is why we don’t refer to our educators as ‘teachers’. Instead, we have Course Managers and Learning Coaches who fulfil the role of guiding and supporting our Learners.