Durban High School’s Representative Council of Learners (RCL) plays a crucial role in fostering student engagement and democratic practices. This article explores its functions and purpose in promoting student leadership and advocacy.

The RCL serves as the voice of DHS students, conveying their concerns to school management. It organises events to encourage participation and acts as a liaison between students and authorities. Serving on the RCL provides students with leadership opportunities.

The RCL empowers students to shape their environment and advocate for their rights, promoting ownership and responsibility. It ensures student welfare and inclusivity while instilling values of accountability and active citizenship.

The RCL at Durban High School plays a vital role in promoting student leadership and democratic values, preparing students for future roles in society.

2024 RCL Office Bearers

Dimaza Mphululi

Sandla Twenani
Vice Chairman

Tyrique Cloete

Shyaam Maharaj