Head Master

On 19 April 2017 I assumed duty as the 15th Head Master of Durban High School. Whilst I had always been aware of the steeped history of DHS, it was only once I had walked through the hallowed buildings and amongst the boys and staff that I became acutely aware of the awe of the remarkable legacy of this incredible school. And, this legacy is also not lost on our boys and staff as they proudly stand as guardians of the traditions and values of DHS.

Upon my appoint, I gave a presentation to the school management team and to the Governing Body, entitled “Honouring the Past While Looking into the Future”, outlining the vision of the school for the next decade; this vision is rooted in all the good values of “School”.

Durban High School has been a slumbering giant for the past decade and it is now time that it once again takes up its rightful place as the leading school in South Africa. Whether it is through academic rigor in the Victor Daitz Mathematics & Science Centre, or through cultural pursuits in the Seabrooke Theatre and the Chris Seabrooke Music Centre, or through the sporting successes in our various sporting codes  – the “Blue Typhoon” is starting to stir once again.

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Education finds itself going through significant change at this time in history and the learning environment has been greatly transformed; and it will continue to be further transformed over the next decade. It is imperative that DHS determines its own destiny by directing this change rather than following others. We have a vision and the capability to be a leading multi-nodal educational hub … a place where every boy is engaged and has a space to discover his innate talent and to develop it, so that ultimately he can lead a life of significance. In this pursuit we encourage and value the support of all our partners – from the staff and boys driving the vision and upholding our values; to support from parents and the Governing Body; to the invested interest of The DHS Foundation and to the Old Boys for their backing and support, be it by word of mouth or ultimately by entrusting their sons to us.

“School” is home and must continue to be so for countless generations to come. We have worked hard to re-establish relationships with communities and primary schools, especially those who have been traditionally supportive of us, and we continue to ensure that these relationships are nurtured. We are committed to the continued development of primary school boys as they begin their journey through Durban High School.

Our mission is to produce men of good character. This is also our passion.

May the “Blue” course through your veins …

Deo Fretus.

A D Pinheiro

15th Head Master