Blackmore House

Blackmore House is a home to 200 boarders at DHS. With a proud record stretching back to 1895, the House is often spoken of as the heartbeat and backbone of the School. Excellence, discipline and developing gentlemen of character are the cornerstones of Blackmore House.

Tied to this is the fact that we are fully transformed. We celebrate our diversity and highlight the principle of Ubuntu. The staff of Blackmore House attach a high priority to ensuring that the boys are focussed on doing well in all aspects of School life – academic, sport, cultural, leadership and service.

Their needs are well catered for with excellent food, computer facilities, TV, audio-visual facilities, meticulous cleanliness, occupational health and safety regulation compliance, competent laundry services and comfortable dormitories.

Blackmore House offers weekly as well as termly boarding. Boys are allowed to go home on Fridays after 14h30 and return on Sundays between 14h30 and 17h00.

Mission Statement

To provide a safe and welcoming environment that will encourage boys to reach their full potential in all spheres of life by getting maximum use out of the rich resources and heritage available at DHS.

We achieve this by:

  • Providing accommodation that is clean, well maintained and suitable for boys who are active, robust and adventurous.
  • Serving meals that are healthy, balanced and can provide consistent energy levels throughout the day.
  • Ensuring that all boys are actively and regularly participating in the extra-mural programme of the School.
  • Ensuring that all our masters care for the boys and maintain the highest levels of safety and pastoral wellbeing.
  • Providing suitable facilities and resources for boys to study, do homework, complete projects and pursue academic excellence.
  • Giving access to suitable recreational facilities, both on the School grounds and in the Boarding Establishment.
  • Organising suitable social and recreational opportunities.
  • Providing a firm, fair and consistent understanding and consistent application of rules and responsibilities.
  • Developing young gentlemen of character, ensuring that they become good citizens, good husbands and good fathers.

Producing young men of integrity and excellence who will form the heartbeat of our School and eventually of our nation.

As part of the ethos of the School, Blackmore Boarders are expected to uphold the Blackmore House Gold Book, to be an ambassador and proud representative for both Blackmore House and Durban High School, as well as to be an active participant in every aspect of the School.

Initiation or bullying is prohibited. There is a zero tolerance towards initiation or bullying of any type, manner or being. These matters will be dealt with strongly and effectively. Each Boarder participates in an induction programme the weekend before School starts each year and participates in the Closed Weekend activities for the House the following weekend. These first two weeks are a period where Grade 8’s have no contact with their families so that they can get to grips with boarding and forge new relationships. Boarders will be allowed to go home every weekend after that if they choose, as long as their extra-mural commitments are met, except for the other closed weekends during the year.

Only at boarding school can you live with your friends during your most impressionable teenage years.

You learn self-discipline and planning, as well as to embrace differences and celebrate diversity.

These are valuable assets for anyone in their future field of study or work environment, be it in South Africa or abroad.