Year in and year out, DHS is one of the stellar performers when the province’s matric results are listed, with an exceptional matric exemption rate over the past five years. The School frequently has learners in the top 10 candidate rating. A aggregates and subject distinctions are widely achieved on an annual basis and numerous
successes have been notched up in the field of Olympiads and Science Expositions over the years.

These quantifiable successes are necessary if DHS is to be measured among the top academic institutions in South Africa. However, by its own standards, through a commitment to its & Heritage of Excellence ethos, they are not always enough. The DHS holistic approach to education which incorporates a host of finely-tuned variables to prepare for the future prevails. This is an inclusive process for all boys, from average learners to top academics. It is underpinned by rock- solid support structures and a highly qualified, dedicated, responsive and committed staff who are passionate in their vocation and accomplished in their various fields.

Classes are organised to be on average, less than 30-strong and boys are individually assisted through a goal setting system. This individual support is augmented by a career guidance and a counselling infrastructure that encourages boys to assess their strengths and weaknesses critically. This practice assists them in their choice of subjects and potential career paths.

Current class sizes in Grade 8 and 9 stand are a maximum of 28 learners per class. The philosophy behind this is to ensure that pupils in these two grades receive as much academic support as possible when they are making the transition from primary to high school. In certain subjects (ie, Mathematics and Languages) some classes are split even further to ensure that individual attention is provided to pupils who may experience difficulties in these specific subject areas.

Class sizes in Grades 10 – 12 vary according to subject choice and may vary from 1:15 to 1:30 (maximum). In addition to a well structured mentorship programme, learner support department and counselling policy at the school, we also offer Mathematics, Physical Sciences, Life Sciences, English and Afrikaans Support Services to learners after hours should they wish to achieve additional expert tuition.