Nonpareil Academy

The Nonpareil Academy is designed for motivated and academically talented boys whose needs are not met adequately in the traditional high school setting. The selection of students is based on the applicants meeting the basic requirements for admission. These include above average intelligence, high EQ and excellent self-discipline. Boys who are selected for the programme are expected to function at a high level of excellence. The Academy serves as an instrument for further development and progression within the Durban High School context and then in the tertiary education environment.

“A Centre of Excellence”

Programme Aims

  • To provide a quality education using alternative educational philosophies for age groups and levels within the Centre of Excellence.
  • To provide individuals with the technical, physiological, psychological and social knowledge to achieve their full potential.
  • To obtain national and international recognition through the Centre of Excellence.
  • To have boys participate in various national and international academic award programmes.

Once in the Academy, boys will have the choice of either doing the extension programme, which follows the same syllabus and assessments as mainstream, OR they select the Cambridge International Programme which has a different syllabus of a higher standard. The Cambridge choice requires a higher additional fee due to the exchange rate.

The Academy will provide the most up to date, comprehensive and high quality training for those wishing to enter the academic arena.

In addition to the academic programme, we also provide the following extension programmes that assist in the development of the holistic education structure that the programme offers:

Life Skills
Public Speaking
Current Affairs
Personal Portfolio Development

Social Awareness
Time Management
Conflict Management
Community Development
Presentation Skills

“Increasing Levels of Performance”


  • The autonomous learning environment to which the boys are exposed allows them to take responsibility for their own learning and increase their levels of performance.
  • Group sizes are smaller and this allows for more one-on-one facilitation.
  • Their timetables are more flexible to allow for faster progression through a syllabus or catching up after a school/provincial sports or cultural tour. More time is thus available to do group presentations or revision work during their non-allocated lessons.
  • Different methods of teaching are also available to the teacher and the group in terms of lecture methods, group discussions and practical collaboration on power point presentations or just testing the group.

Tertiary Education

  • The drop-out rate at first year University level is highest amongst boys and it is generally due to a lack of self-discipline.
  • Time Management is an important objective in the Academy and the boys are taught where to start in terms of listening to lectures, doing research and then presenting their findings.
  • These practices are instilled from Grade 8, which will certainly give them that ‘edge’ at tertiary level.
  • Proper referencing in bibliographies has become imperative when doing research due to internet searches.
  • We introduce and enforce the use of referencing from the start, using the Harvard style which is used by the local and international Universities.