Cross Country

Cross Country at DHS isn’t just about running, it’s about pushing boundaries and discovering the strength within. The true beauty of cross country at DHS lies not in the medals or accolades, but in the sense of accomplishment that comes from pushing oneself to new heights. Whether crossing the finish line first or last, each runner emerges from the course with a sense of pride and achievement, knowing that they gave it their all. Competing in meets against rival schools, DHS cross country runners showcase their skill and determination. Each race is a test of strength and strategy, with athletes pushing themselves to outrun the competition and reach the finish line. 

In the last few years, growing enthusiasm has shown fruit in the form of some hugely encouraging results with at least one age group having been crowned the top team in the league.

District and regional trials are also held later in the year under the auspicious of KZNA, where a number of boys have achieved representation for Durban Central and Umlazi District.