Badminton is an Olympic Sporting code. It is the fastest racquet sport in the world.

The Sport has gained recognition and popularity over the past few decades at DHS. The players are selected on merit and not by their age. There are 4 players in a team, seeded according to their ability. The games are played in 2 categories – Singles and Doubles – and the players that reach 21 points are the winner.

The winning Teams are determined by tallying all the results and the highest points are the overall winners. Practices and matches are played at the KZN badminton Hall off Umgeni Road on Tuesday and Thursday during the 2nd and 3rd term.

DHS fields 4 teams in a league and the extra players participate in our internal social league. DHS is affiliated to the KZN Badminton Junior League. We also have the opportunity to represent our School at the SA Schools Championship and are proud to have been champions 5 times. We have had the opportunity to represent SA in the All African Schools championship.

We are proud to have Provincial and National representatives from our school. One of the highlights was when a Badminton Player was presented with his Green and Gold Blazer at assembly as well as the Sportsman of the Year Award. The players are rewarded annually with various accolades as per their achievements and their performances indicated in the awards Criteria.

The Exceptional players are rewarded with the opportunity to be enlisted into the Prime Programme sponsored by Sports and Recreation eThekwini. The provincial players are enrolled into an intense training routine and also participate in various tournaments nationally and are graded accordingly, ultimately enabling them national status and prospective Olympic contenders.

The Camaraderie at Badminton is great. 

Motto: Rival on the Courts and friends after the match helps to Build bridges!