Soccer at DHS has a long and rich history with the school taking part in the oldest sporting cup competition in the country, the Raw Cup. The Raw Cup is played between Maritzburg College and DHS and was started in 1890. School has always prided itself on playing attacking and aggressive football.

We have produced 15 South African Schools players and no less than 8 professional players over the last 15 years, 2 of whom are currently playing in Europe. DHS has a unique record of being the inaugural winner of major tournaments in KZN. With the Kloof Tournament, the KZN Cup (Cowie Cup) and the Kearsney Football Festival all having been won in their 1st edition by DHS.

Our programme is split into two squads that have clear and different goals. The Senior elite squad is made up of 1st team players and players on the edge of the 1st team. Ensuring positional tactical excellence, competitive toughness and Football maturity are three aspects that are focused on in this group. The second group is the Junior elite group, where 1v1 competence, athletic development and team togetherness are key. These groups get between 4 and 8 Football contacts a week, including on field sessions, video analysis, conditioning and specialists like nutritionists and doctors.

Our staff are made up of A-licensed coaches (one of whom is a former PSL player), a consulting Chiropractor (who did his thesis on Football development), a consulting Biokineticist (who has worked with our national team) and the teams director is the only Professional Licensed coach in KZN School boy football.

Our goal is to produce the best all round humans we can that are as good as they can be at football.  Development of the individual is the highest priority we have. As teams, we look to develop individuals into a first team group over 3-5 years that is capable of KZN qualification in the prestigious Kay Motsepe Cup, and semi-final qualification or higher at the annual Grey College Festival, arguably the highest quality tournament in SA.

Age Groups: U14/U15/U16/Open