From the Head Master’s Desk : 11 September 2015

My message last week asking parents to play their part in disciplining their sons caused quite a stir!  We have had over 12 000 hits on Facebook and numerous comments; virtually all the comments were in support of what we are trying to do.  I want to thank all those Old Boys and Parents for their support. 
At DHS we set very high standards and we intend keeping them at this high level.  The vast majority of the boys follow the rules diligently and we have many fantastic boys at DHS with the same high standards.  As I said, we want near perfection in the discipline department of the school.  If one boy is one minute late for school it is unacceptable.  If one boy’s hair is too long it is also unacceptable to us.  From time to time, I have boys that arrive late to school and I want that to stop.  These boys use traffic problems as an excuse and that is why I asked for parents to leave earlier to avoid rush hour traffic.  We punish the boys, but I want parents to play their part so that we can prevent them from coming late.  If a button is off a blazer or if his hair is too long, I want parents to see that and attend to it before we have to punish their sons. 
That was what I am talking about when I ask parents to get more involved in disciplining their children.  There is no problem with discipline at DHS, but, as I said, I want perfection … or something very close to it.  Boys transgress at times and that will always happen everywhere, but we will continue to pull them in to line. 
We appointed our Prefects and RCL this week at a special Leadership Assembly.  I want to tell you that this school is very fortunate to have the calibre of boys that we inducted into these two bodies this week.  They are a strong group of boys who are all passionate about the school. 
I want to congratulate and wish Head Prefect, Mvumeleni Matthenjwa, Deputy Head Prefects, Joshua Spooner and Libo Mngomezulu (who is also the RCL Chairman), as well as Lloyd Mtshali, the RCL Vice Chairman, and all the Prefects and Members of the RCL all the best for the remainder of this year and 2016. 
I am confident that, with their skills, they will make our 150th year a major success. 

Leon Erasmus

14th Head Master

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