From the Head Master’s Desk : 4 September 2015

I am concerned that some parents are abdicating their responsibilities when it comes to disciplining their children.  We have a number of boys who arrive late to school, unshaven and with long hair or hair cut in an unacceptable style.  When we discipline them some parents even run to their son’s defense.  What your son looks like when he leaves your home in the morning is your responsibility.  I have in some cases, irate parents who had to come to school to collect their sons when we send them back to get their appearance sorted out.  Surely it is your responsibility as parents to make sure he conforms to the rules and regulations of the school before he leaves in the morning.  If your son does not comply with these rules he will be asked to go home and get it sorted out.  If he is late for school, do not be surprised if we lock him out.  I now need a joint effort by parents and the school to get these areas sorted out. 
At an assembly last week, I spoke to the boys about their academics and the need to now focus on this area.  We are busy with assessments and I want to appeal to you as parents to take a keen interest in this. 
We are hosting a Choir evening on Friday evening.  This is in conjunction with Durban Girls’ College and I want to encourage you to come and support the boys and girls.
We had a busy and successful week on the sports fields last week. 
The Footballers played against Westville and Kearsney.  The 1st team drew against Westville but lost narrowly to Kearsney.  The U14A side continue with their good form, winning one and drawing the second one. 
Our Softballers were also in action winning both their games last week. 
On the Rugby field, our Sevens Teams continue to make us proud.  Our 1st Team won the Pionier Tournament where they played against very strong schools and our U15 team played in the Port Natal U16 Tournament where they won three and drew three matches, even though they played in a higher age group. 
I attended a Headmasters’ Conference in Johannesburg last week and also spoke at a dinner hosted by the Gauteng Old Boys.  Both went off very well and I thoroughly enjoyed being at these two events.

Leon Erasmus

14th Head Master

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