During December 2015 the following DHS boys represented SA at the All Africa Schools Championships in Cape Town:
Muhammad Mirza (Captain), Tonderai Ndudzu, Mikaeel Mirza, Nischay Jairaj, Jaydon Beru
The Durban boys were place in the B Section with schools from Zimbabwe, Kenya, Mauritius.  The results were as follows:
vs Mafakose (Zimbabwe)
DHS won 5 – 0
vs Oshwai Boys (Kenya)
DHS 2-3
vs Prince Edward B (Zimbabwe)
DHS won 5-0
vs Saro (Mauritius)
DHS lost 2-3
Final End Result: 
Durban High School were placed 3rd in the B Section missing play offs and bronze medal by 1 point
Congratulations to the boys, they played exceptionally well and did SA and our school proud.  According to their coach, they were polite and well behaved, their manners are impeccable and they were a pleasure to manage and coach. They have wonderful team spirit between them, and they are always supportive of each other.