From the Head Master’s Desk : 3 March 2016

We are currently busy with the Standardised Test Programme and it seems to be going well. I have reminded the boys on numerous occasions that it is important to work from the first day of the year and not wait until the exams. I want parents to insist on this too.
This weekend the last of the Cricket and Water polo matches are being played. The 1st Basket ball team again showed their domination in all National and Provincial competitions. They won the Marlins Basketball Tournament on Sunday when they beat St Charles 81- 39 in the final. This was after they won the St John’s Tournament a couple of weeks ago. This tournament is regarded as the premier Basketball tournament in the country. They even have teams from Zimbabwe and Mozambique.
The Rugby and Hockey season is starting and I thought it appropriate to again focus on how Parents and Spectators at sporting events should behave. I have written about it before, but it is important that I remind the DHS community what is expected of them.
It must be understood that young people learn by example. Your example as parent is therefore crucial. Your son chose the sport for HIS enjoyment and not yours. Here are a few examples of good spectator behaviour:
• Learn the rules/ laws of the game.
• Through your example, teach your son the value of good sportsmanship and fair play.
• Never criticize or question a coach’s, umpire’s or referee’s judgement or honesty in public or in your son’s presence.
• Never ridicule or berate your son or any other player for making a mistake.
• Applaud good play and reserve your judgement on poor play.
• Never use offensive language, or threaten players, officials, coaches or other spectators.
• Respect the role of the coach or match officials and recognise their authority.
• Respect the coach’s decision in team selection decisions and understand that it is the coach’s right to select whom he/she believes to be the most appropriate team.
• Play an active role in supporting your son.
Very often it is the “win at all costs” attitude that brings out the negative behaviour in spectators and players. There is nothing wrong with vocal support, but then it must never be abusive or directed at players or officials. If you do want to shout, make sure it is “for” the players and not “at” them.
A number of the home matches are compulsory attendance for the boys. As parents, please ensure that your son attends them. These events form a critical part of the pride that the boys develop in their school. This is where characteristics like camaraderie, determination, loyalty, to name a few, develop. This rubs off on all the boys and it is carried into the classrooms where the boys become motivated and positive. Do not underestimate the value of these events. (A letter to parents re the compulsories has been sent home.)
This Friday we have our 150th Celebration Corporate Breakfast and I have no doubt it will be a fantastic morning. Or MC is HD Ackerman, and Greg Blewitt, the Australian Cricketer and now Assistant coach to their National side is the guest speaker. Two weeks from now, on Thursday 17 March we have our 150th Rugby Day, and in the holidays we are hosting Hockey and Basketball tournaments. Please come and support us.
Leon Erasmus
14th Head Master

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