From the Head Master’s Desk : 10 March 2016

We are nearing the end of a very busy first term.  I have said it before, and I believe it still … a busy school is a good school.
On top of our normal activities we also had 150th festivities and functions this term.  All of them went extremely well and I must add that our boys have once again shone at all of these functions.  This week we are doing the 150th sign on the field and we are hosting the Rugby Day on 17th March.  Starting the next day is our Hockey Festival.  Top teams are attending this and we are looking forward to some high quality Hockey.  During the Holidays we are also hosting the Basketball Festival and the Rugby and Hockey teams are involved at other festivals.
The staff of DHS has put in a lot of hard work this term and I want to thank them for all they have done.  This includes academic, admin, ground and boarding staff. It is not easy these days to work at a school and I am lucky to have members of staff that are prepared to go the extra mile.
There has been a report on muggings near the school in one of the daily newspapers this week.  In the article they wrote about more than 20 muggings recently.  The picture that is painted is that our boys are targeted and that it is unsafe for our boys in this area.  I have had only one report earlier this year of a boy who was mugged and after that I went to the Berea Police station to ask them to increase the patrols in the area around the school.  Like most urban areas we all have to be vigilant and I am not disputing that there is a problem of safety but, to focus on DHS in the article is for me irresponsible and unfair.  We all have to be aware of what is going on around us and that no place is totally safe for everyone.  There was also a report on News 24 of a girl murdered in the Tokai forest in Cape Town while going for a run earlier this week.  This is normally a very safe area.  I have also spoken to the boys in assembly and encouraged them not to keep valuable phones or other valuables with them and to walk in groups. This morning I saw one of our boys walking to school with earphones in his ears and when I confronted him I saw that he had it attached to a very expensive phone.  Now that is an invitation to any criminal!  As a school we will continue to educate our boys on how to conduct themselves and how to avoid becoming targets of criminals.
Leon Erasmus
14th Head Master

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