The DHS 150th Hockey Festival was a huge success as the level of hockey played was exceptional. Along with the Durban based teams, schools from Johannesburg, Cape Town and Mpumalanga participated. The Festival was run from 19 March to 21 March. Even though considered “non-competitive matches” the intensity and pace at which the boys played suggested anything but that.
Twelve games were played on the first two days and six on the last day. A special thanks must go out to the DHS Old Boys team who took part in the Festival and showed the youngsters that they still have what it takes even … though two games a day was a bit of a strain for them.
The opening fixtures saw traditional rivals DHS and Glenwood both claim impressive wins to get the ball rolling. The stand out teams of the weekend were St David’s (JHB), Jeppe (JHB) and Michaelhouse (PMB) as they ended off with 4 wins each out of the 5 games they played.
Overall, all the boys, staff and parents from across the country had fun and enjoyed not only the hockey on the field but the camaraderie and new friendships made off the field. A very big thank you must go out to everyone who worked so hard to make this Festival a success, and also to the schools that took part, to the parents, boys and coaching staff without whom none of this would have been possible; and finally to DHS for hosting this Festival in this their 150th year. We look forward to seeing all of you again and the future of hockey in South Africa looks bright.
R Beaumont
M-i-C Hockey
150th Hockey Festival Results
19 March:
DHS vs St Alban’s : 3-1
Maritzburg College vs  DHSOB : 1-1
Clifton vs  Rondebosch : 6-1
Glenwood vs Uplands : 3-0
St Charles vs St David’s : 0-5
Michaelhouse vs Jeppe : 1-0
DHS vs Uplands : 2-3
St Charles vs DHSOB : 6-4
Michaelhouse vs  Rondebosch : 3-2
Glenwood vs St Alban’s : 4-2
Maritzburg College vs St David’s : 1-2
Clifton vs  Jeppe : 2-3
20 March:
Clifton vs St David’s : 0-0
Glenwood vs Rondebosch : 4-0
Maritzburg College vs Uplands : 4-0
Michaelhouse vs DHSOB : 1-0
DHS vs Jeppe : 0-4
St Charles vs St Alban’s : 1-2
Michaelhouse vs St David’s : 1-2
DHS vs Rondebosch : 0-1
St Charles vs Uplands : 2-1
Clifton vs DHSOB : 2-3
Glenwood vs Jeppe : 2-3
Maritzburg College vs St Alban’s : 5-0
21 March:
Maritzburg College vs Jeppe : 0-1
Glenwood vs DHSOB : 1-3
DHS vs St David’s : 0-5
St Charles vs Rondebosch : 3-0
Michaelhouse vs Uplands : 4-1
Clifton vs St Alban’s : 2-1