Latest from the Head Master’s Desk : 14 April 2016

At DHS we believe in a holistic education where Academics, Culture and Sport all form part of the development of our boys.  However, I get asked from time to time which one of the three is more important and the logical answer would be Academics.  For me it is not Academics, but Character Building that is the most important aspect that needs to be developed in our boys.  If that is of a very high standard then you will know when to “knuckle down” and work hard.  Your Academics, and also Sport and Culture for that matter, will improve and rise to a level of excellence.
Manners and good conduct is part of this development in young boys and I am happy that we are now fast approaching the standard that I will be happy with.
I asked the boys last week to consider donating blood when we had the Blood Bank here on Monday.  The boys responded well and we exceeded the goal set by the Blood Bank by two units of blood.  This is a good effort but I will continue pushing this until we reach the goal set by ourselves.  I want to thank the boys for their efforts and response to my call.
We had a good day at Kings Park last Saturday with a comprehensive 39 – 8 win over Northwood in the 1st XV match.  The supporters in the stands looked good and sang well.  It was great to see the boys united behind our team.  As a Head Master I was extremely proud of my school.
We are fast approaching our Founders Day Celebrations and we are busy preparing for that.  Again I want to appeal to Old Boys, Parents and Friends of DHS to join us in all the festivities.
We have a Cultural Week a the beginning of May as part of our 150th celebrations and the events on offer will appeal a lot to our adults.
Leon Erasmus
14th Head Master

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