There is no greater accolade than MOTHER. “The greatest unconditional and infinite love we will experience in our existence.”
Blackmore’s first Mother’s Day Dinner was held to honour our mothers who have made the sacrifice of time spent with their sons, times of checking up on schoolwork, missing out on times of supporting sport events, times of sickness and even times of major injury. Placing their sons in our care to nurture and mould into young men we are all so proud of.
In honour of our mothers and all they do, an awesome evening was had by all. Seeing a transformed Blackmore Dining Hall, a three course meal and great entertainment by our boys.
A big shout out goes to our singer, Sabhle Ndlovu, our dancer, James Dufana, our very own Blackmore Mambazos Singers, and our sound technician, Libo Mngomozulu. And all the little helpers for setting up, carrying and fetching decorations and cleaning up afterwards.
Thanks to Peppers & Pans for the food. Our dedicated kitchen staff deserve special mention as they not only feed our boys, but go the extra mile in every meal for each of our boys – they understand … a well fed boy is a happy boy.
Mrs R Hellenberg
House Mother