Work on the Chris Seabrooke Music Centre is almost complete and I cannot wait to see the end product.  It was one of my dreams for DHS and due to the fantastic generosity of Old Boy Chris Seabrooke it is almost there.  We have also appointed a Music Director, Natalie Rungan who, I have no doubt, will take the Music Department at DHS to new heights.
Work on the Victor Diatz Maths and Science Centre started during the July Holidays and will be completed in November.  This will also be a major addition to DHS.  Not only enhancing the teaching and learning but, because of its location, having a dramatic impact on the appearance of the school.  Moving classes out of the existing building caused a bit of disruption but everyone has settled.  The reward at the end of this process is worth waiting for.  Once again I want to thank Mike Fennell, the CEO of the Foundation and the Trustees of the DHS Foundation for making this project a reality.
We are continuing with our 150th Celebrations this weekend when we host the DHS U12 Sevens Tournament and we are also the hosts of the SA Badminton Tournament.  Both these events will be exciting to watch.
With Women’s Day around the corner, we had a special Women’s Day Assembly on Thursday and we had a whole week where we focussed on various issues related to the contribution of women.
Leon Erasmus
14th Head Master