Earlier in the year a tree planting ceremony was held in memory of English Educator and Head of Extra Mural Music, Mr Patrick Collyer. The ceremony was officiated by Mr Bodasing, who wrote the following about the occasion:
The DHS Community suffered a tragic loss with the untimely passing of Mr Patrick Grant Collyer in 2014. Most of what I needed to say has been said in my tribute to him, but I feel honoured to have been asked to say a few words on this rather auspicious occasion.
Mr Collyer and I shared a deep and profound love for music and his favourite song was the famed “When I am 64” by the legendary Beatles. In an ironic twist of fate, he passed on aged 64, and I would like to continue with the theme of music in this speech.
Mr Collyer was a man who possessed a wealth of knowledge and he was a fountain of wisdom. All his peers enjoyed his sharp wit and marvellous sense of humour. Perhaps the most memorable and admirable trait he possessed was his belief in honesty and integrity. He believed firmly in “doing the right thing” and never faltered in his quest to do that which was right. Many a times, when I needed advice or guidance I would seek his wise counsel.
This is best conveyed in the following words, “When I find myself in times of trouble, Patrick Collyer comes to me, speaking words of wisdom ….. singing let it be”. In concluding, I would like to name the tree planted in Mr Collyer’s memory the “Tree of Integrity,” a perfect tribute to a man who was indeed “a scholar, an officer and a gentleman.”
S J Bodasing
Head of Languages
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