Basketball and Water Polo vs Westville : Match Reports

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Water Polo vs Westville : 1st Team Match Report
With illness preventing one of our more experienced players from playing and an unfortunate injury to another during the game, our bench was severely depleted. We started like a house on fire and having won the swim-off went 1-0 up after only thirteen seconds. Our opponents had some very accomplished players in their ranks and their best player was their hole-man. Our lack of numbers at hole-guard prevented us from rotating that position to rest our boys from the constant physicality of that position as attacker and defender wrestle and battle for superiority and water-position. Captain Michael Kyprou gave a sterling display at the back and it was a fine old tussle that developed in front of our goal. However, on three occasions the advantage went to his opponent who fired in three fine goals as we found ourselves 1-3 down at the halfway stage of the first chukka. Our own hole-man Andreas Kyprou pulled one back for us with a well-taken hard fought-for back shot. The teams traded one more goal each with Khan getting his second goal of the chukka for us before Westville scored their fourth in the last minute of the quarter. Turning 3-4 down was a fair reflection of the game and our team had played very well indeed.
In the second chukka the opposing coach cleverly used his star hole-man to lure Michael Kyprou out of the hole-guard position and sent in his “second-stringer” who scored two goals. As soon as our captain switched to mark this player the star returned back in the hole to score his fourth of the match. Westville scored their eighth goal late in the quarter and we went scoreless to be 3-8 down at the halfway stage.
The third quarter saw our hole-guard tiring somewhat from the constant physicality and Westville also switched tactics to concentrate on counter attacks to score five goals whist all we could manage was a well-worked goal by our hole-man Andreas Kyprou for us to be 13-4 down with the last chukka to play.
A stern talking from Coach Lawson saw an improved performance from us. We managed to get their hole-man fouled out of the game and launched attack after attack. Unfortunately, Westville’s other star player was their goalkeeper who pulled of one magnificent save after another. Try as we might we could not breach his defence until Andreas completed his hat-trick for the game with another hard working goal for us to actually win the last quarter 1-0.
Alan Burt
M-i-C : Water Polo
Basketball vs Westville : 1st Team Match Report
After losing to St Charles last weekend, the DHS 1st team had a different approach to the game against Westville. DHS were hosting so the team was in their light kit and Westville were in their traditional dark blue. Tip off was won by DHS who went on offense on an empty trip, while Westville Boys’ came with twin towers who made it clear that they meant business.
DHS were struggling to guard them as they were doing a lot of damage on offense, getting all the rebounds. Again the hosting team found themselves in a position where their key players were picking fouls, with Patience on 3 fouls in the 1st quarter. By the end of the 1st quarter DHS were trailing; this is a position that they are not used to as they play to lead not to trail. It was the same set up in the 2nd quarter, with DHS still trailing.
During half time Coach Lethu managed to identify the weakness of the opposition. As DHS were trailing by 7 points and Westville twin towers were in trouble, DHS started penetrating and managed to score 8 points. The team started playing good Basketball at both ends of the floor, shutting out Westville’s key players and leaving the other players to bring up the ball. At the end of the 3rd quarter DHS were up by 10 points. In the 4th quarter WBHS threw every weapon onto the court to try and match up with the pace of the game. However, they did not have answers for both ends of the court as buckets were not falling and they were making consistent turn overs. With Westville’s defense too weak in the 4th quarter, DHS managed to clinch the victory.
Final Score : 68-46
Lethu Zulu
M-i-C : Basketball/1st Team Coach

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