Visit to Denis Hurley Centre

Grade 10 Boys at the Denis Hurley Centre
Grade 10 Boys at the Denis Hurley Centre

As part of a community service initiative the Grade 10 learner’s visited the Denis Hurley Centre on 26 July and 3 August. The reason for the excursion was to educate the boys about the history of the centre and to gain knowledge about social and community upliftment. The excursion included a tour looking at the exhibition of Denis Hurley (Durban’s Archbishop for 45 years). He was known in South Africa and internationally as a courageous proponent of justice and peace, opponent of apartheid and forward thinking churchman. A shrine for Denis Hurley, at his tomb in the Emmanuel Cathedral in Durban, was inaugurated in March 2017.
The centre aims to serve the needs of the poorest people in Durban. In doing so they honour and co–operate with people of all faith traditions. They welcome South Africans, migrants and refugees. They also offer services through their clinic, feeding scheme, vocational training, educational and community support, and pastoral outreach.
The tour also included spending time at The Emmanuel Cathedral and learning about the Catholic Christian faith and the history of the building that houses the sacred remains of the former bishops that have passed on including Denis Hurley. We ended the tour at the Juma Masjid Mosque where we learnt about Islam and the interesting way in which they practice their faith.
From this tour we hope that our boys volunteer at the Denis Hurley Centre on a Sunday morning to assist with the feeding scheme or in whatever way they can make a difference.
I would like to add these comments made by Seluleko and Amahle in Grade 10R who had this to say about their experience.
Seluleko Sabelo (10R)
“It was truly a humbling experience as it placed things into a detailed perspective of how different people live their lives in our vibrant and diverse city. Going to the Denis Hurley Centre and seeing the phenomenal work they do towards helping the underprivileged/homeless people of Durban was really the highlight of my trip and it inspired me to do more towards those less privileged than I am in whichever way I possibly can.”
Amahle Shazi (10R)
“The excursion really was an amazing experience because of what I learnt about my faith. Visiting the mosque was also amazing as it shows the great partnership the two faiths have, opposed to the misconception that Christians and Muslims do not like each other.”
I would like to end by congratulating all our boys for their involvement and I would like to encourage each of you to get involved.
Ms G Joshua
Community Service Co-Ordinator
Dennis Hurley Centre (3)
Dennis Hurley Centre (6)
Dennis Hurley Centre (7)

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