Eastern Cultural Evening

The Cast of the Eastern Evening with Mrs Nagiah
The Cast of the Eastern Evening with Mrs Nagiah

Tina Turner’s song: “Simply The Best,” aptly described this year’s Eastern Cultural Show #PYARDOSTIHAI – A BOLLYWOOD MUSICAL.
This brilliant performance related the story of three high school friends caught up in a love triangle.
The Rudra Dance Company, consisting of DHS Old Boys Priyen Naidoo and Pavishen Paideya, who cut their dancing teeth on our very own stage about 10 years ago, together with a group of girls (Lerisha Munsami, Kaylee and Sainita) transformed our DC Thompson Hall into a vibrant display of Bollywood dancing.
Putting together a Bollywood musical was a dream I realised with the help of Pavishen.
The first scene burst onto the stage with our boys performing an energetic classroom scene. The well placed voice over took the audience through the entire story; beginning with the meeting of the lovers, the friendship, the falling in love and then finally the choice that had to be made. Leading obviously to a broken heart.
The dances depicted each dramatic scene in precise dance moves. I am still astounded by the fact that our learners managed this with just one month of practice. Some of the more poignant scenes (which I am sure will remain in my mind for a long time include) included: the challenge of the two lovers competing for the love interest – such an awesome synchronisation between Pavishen and Priyen, the solo performance of Pavishen when he is left heartbroken, the solo performance of Lerisha when she had to make a choice and lastly the dance medley comprising of just our school boys.
The stage was an explosion of sound and light right from the beginning. The audience were left mesmerised by the performances and managed to catch a breather when the Matrics took to the stage to showcase their take on Eastern Fashion during the first half of the show. A beautiful display of grace and style.
The second half of the show was just as vibrant. The song “Ain’t no sunshine when she’s gone” sung by Lesedi Lesesa and accompanied by Prenav Gopal on tabla, Cameron Naidoo on guitar and Yaron Smith on trumpet only emphasised the heartbreak experienced by the lead dancer.
One dance followed another and I am still amazed at the boy’s ability to remember all the choreography! The Western fashion component was just as classy. Well done Matrics!
Sridhar Chandraduth must be congratulate; despite dislocating his kneecap two hours before the show started, he returned from the hospital in time for the finale and performed in it!
A huge thank you to all those who contributed to the success of this evening:

  • Mr Pinheiro for affording us the opportunity to host such an event
  • Pavishen Paideya, a DHS old boy for the choreography, costumes; ticket and poster design
  • Rudra Dance Company
  • Devesh, Jonathan and Paul for Sound and Lighting
  • Wed in Style for the draping
  • Peppers & Pans for the refreshments
  • Hala for video
  • Mr Lewis for being my right-hand man
  • Ms Drew for printing, programme design and photos
  • Dupie and his team for the security
  • Ms Rungan for music item and the running the Tuck-Shop
  • All the cast members – you have surpassed all my expectations
  • And lastly to the parents of the dancers – thank you for your patience and understanding.

We look forward to your support next year.
S Nagiah
M-i-C : Eastern Evening

Eastern Evening
Eastern Evening

Eastern Evening
Eastern Evening


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