Electives Programme and Classroom Revamps Begin!

IT Skills Electives Programme
IT Skills Electives Programme

Start of the Electives Programme
We have had an exciting week with the start of the Electives programme. Registration went smoothly on Monday, especially considering that 800+ boys were starting something new! A few ended up in the wrong place, but the one or two hiccups were quickly sorted out and the programmes were soon in full swing.
The programme will run until the end of the term, if any problems are encountered, they will be fixed and the 1st Semester of the programme will start again in the 2nd term. A 2nd semester of electives will be run in the 3rd and 4th term.
The list of electives available is quite extensive and the Boys were spoilt for choice. Word on the street is that the boys are certainly enjoying them. We will keep you informed as to how they progress.
Electives for Semester 1:
Active Citizenship
ACCN Extension
AFRFA Extension
Ashoka Entrepreneurship
AP Maths
Conversational Zulu
Community Engagement
Creative Writing
Drawing Skills
ENGHL Extension
First Aid
Game Programming
International Studies
IT Skills
Lab Online
LFSC Extension
Life Skills
MATH Extension
Music Academy
NS Extension
Online Learning
Performing Arts Academy
PHSC Extension
Public Speaking
Rocket Building
School Enterprise Challenge
Science Club
Sports Academies
Study Skills
Classroom Revamp
Classroom Revamp

Classroom Upgrades Begin!
It wasn’t only the Electives that started on Monday … the much anticipated classroom upgrades also began!
One classroom at a time is going to be tackled, starting in the oldest part of the School, the Science Block.
And judging by the progress on the first day, it is not going to take very long!
We are looking at approximately 2 weeks per classroom and each classroom will have doors and windows replaced where necessary, will be painted, fitted with skirting and ducting, and be furnished with new white boards, notice boards, desks and chairs.
We are not sure who is more excited … the Boys or the Staff!
We will keep you posted on progress.
Creative Writing
Creative Writing

Rocket Building
Rocket Building

Rugby Academy
Rugby Academy

Classroom Revamp
Classroom Revamp

5 March Afternoon (5)      7 March (2)

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