Governing Body Elections

The School Governing Body Elections have been held over the past few weeks, culminating in the Parent Election meeting which was held on the evening of Wednesday 14 March.
Despite not having any electricity, the meeting proceeded as a quorum was not required at this, the adjourned School Governing Body Parent Election meeting.
Mr Noel Ingle, Headmaster of Glenwood Preparatory School, officiated the proceedings as the appointed Electoral Officer. He was assisted by Assistant Electoral Officers, Ms S Drew, Mr B Adam and Mr C Moodley.
Ten nominations were received from parents which meant that a vote had to be held as only nine parent members are required to serve on the Governing Body.
Last week nomination meetings were held for the other members of the SGB, namely the Educators, Non-Educator and RCL members of the GB.
All three meeting also went to the vote and the new members were duly elected, again officiated by Mr Ingle. The first meeting of the SGB was then held on Friday morning to elect the Office bearers. This meeting was attended by Mr Ingle who then handed over to the new Chairman when he was elected.
The SGB may elect to co-opt further members to the body should they require further skills or expertise.
The members of the new School Governing Body are as follows:
Mr A D Pinheiro
Parent Members (9):
Mr Mboneni Bhekiswayo
Mrs Debbie Green
Mr Russell Hulett
Mr Barrie Knox-Davies
Mrs Chandhira Maniram
Mr Winston Owen
Mr Richard Smith
Mr Paul Spooner
Mr Noel Stapelfeldt
Mr Paul Spooner
Educators: (3)
Mrs Michelle Girodo
Mr Gavin Goodwin
Mr Brian Green
Non-Educator: (1)
Mr Barry Coskey
RCL: (3)
Zakariya Adam
Ethan Mack
Mohammed Shaikjee
Ms Sharon Drew
The elected Office Bearers are:
Chairman:           Mr Paul Spooner
Vice Chairman: Mr Russell Hulett
Treasurer:           Mr Winston Owen
Congratulations to all the members on their election!

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