The IsiZulu Cultural Tour was a very riveting and educational experience. It is one thing to read and learn about an entire culture, but it is another thing to actually experience the culture and its people with your very own eyes. This trip was certainly worth every cent and one that will forever be engraved in our memory banks.
On Monday 26 March, the Grade 11 IsiZulu students were given the opportunity to travel on an IsiZulu Cultural Tour. This tour took us to three different locations, each having its own significance towards the enrichment of knowledge for the Grade 11 students.
Our first stop was at Shakaskraal, a heritage museum that taught us about the last days of King Shaka’s life. We got to see the actual rock the King was sitting on when he was killed by his brothers.
We believe the highlight of this detour was seeing the memorial tombstone of the Great King that was erected by one of the former Zulu kings, King Cyprian.
Our next stop, much closer to our final destination, was at Fort Nongqayi in Eshowe.
Upon our arrival, we entered a very old church. We learnt about the history of the church and the involvement of one of the IsiZulu Kings and about the Anglo Zulu War that was fought in the area.
Finally, we reached our end destination, Shakaland. We were in the epitome of an IsiZulu home, the home of a King. We were housed in traditional IsiZulu huts, with a modern touch.
We then attended various lectures on the structure of an IsiZulu homestead and who a traditional IsiZulu family comprised of.
After that we were entertained by marimba players that played traditional pieces that went down well with the sunset.
Following a scrumptious dinner, we travelled the entire length of Southern Africa through song and dance recitals and we believe we speak for our classmates when we say it was the most special experience, one that is seldom encountered in a lifetime.
The following day we engaged in various activities, with stick fighting being the most popular one. Luckily there were no injuries!
The sad part had to come when we had to depart from the IsiZulu heaven of Shakaland.
Thank You to all the staff involved in the planning and success of this magnificent trip. From Mrs Sibisi, Mr Nhlabathi and Mr Deon for accompanying us, to Mrs Du Preez’s kind words before we left and of course, to the Head Master, Mr Pinheiro, for allowing his students to have this opportunity.
An IsiZulu Proverb of thanks: Izandla Zidlula Ikhanda
(Our hands extend our head)
Seluleko Sabela & Amahle Shazi
Grade 11 IsiZulu Class

Grade 11 IsiZulu  with MEC of ??, Mr

Grade 11 IsiZulu with MEC of ??, Mr

The Grade 11s were also fortunate enough to meet the Department of Health MEC, Dr Sbongiseni Dlomo, while at Shakaland.