Shine : A Musical Extravaganza

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“Shine” fast became a buzz word to many talented young men of Durban High School after an extremely successful concert on Wednesday 25 April.
The two hour concert was attended by more than 300 guests who thunderously applauded as enthusiastic boys and girls from DHS and DGHS took to the stage, performing various genres of music.

The impetus that inspired Natalie Rungan, Director of Music at DHS, to calendar the event and write the theme song for Shine was her desire to create a platform where students who are gifted in music would be able to do just that … sing, play their instruments in front of an audience, and basically to Shine as musicians.
In Miss Rungan’s words: “Music students are very special, even peculiar, and many of them are complete introverts who don’t necessarily thrive in performances that require them to act or dance.”
This year was the first year of Shine – a Musical Extravaganza hosted in Durban High School’s DC Thompson Hall.
The concert showcased both individual and group performances of music students who have been trained at the Chris Seabrooke Music Centre. The show was a collaboration with Durban Girls’ High School Music students, under the leadership of Miss Melindie Pretorius.
For many the highlight of the evening was the finale song “Shine” which had over 60 students on stage including the drumline, brass band, choir, and DHS Band all playing their hearts out. They certainly did Shine!

Natalie Rungan
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