The boys have enjoyed the AutoCad lessons; some more than others. It is at a different pace in some respects. There are always three to four different ways to get the same result with AutoCad. It gives them the opportunity to practice other approaches when drawing. If they can do something faster it is better and they then have the advantage to better opportunities.
Mr L Girodo
M-i-C : AutoCad
“AutoCad is an elective that is very educational and advances our changes of being the engineers we want to be one day.  It is very interesting and intriguing and keeps us in suspense every time we learn and experience new things.  Therefore, I would recommend this elective to everyone simply because I enjoy every lesson that there is to AutoCad.”
Kyle Madlala : Grade 11
“Ï personally feel that this Elective is very productive as it equips us with the skills and practical knowledge of AutoCad.  This helps myself as well as others a lot as we apply these skills in our E60 lessons and will continue to apply them in future career fields.”
Pranav Harichand : Grade 11
“I feel the AutoCad elective has really helped as we are taught step-by-step methods which simplify the drawing for us.  There is no rush for the syllabus so we are able to move at a slower pace and understand in depth.”
Kaylen Varden: Grade 11
“I feel the AutoCad elective reinforces the methods of using AutoCad and encourages us to complete and find easier ways to complete tasks. With the AutoCad elective there is always an extra helping hand for guys like me who have a hard time grasping the concepts.”
Cameron Ragbar : Grade 11