As we begin the June exams, we congratulate the following boys who were placed in the Top 5 of their Grade in the first term:

Grade 12s

Grade 12s

Grade 12:
1st      Mahil Dessai
2nd      Neeven Naidoo
3rd      Theolin Govender
4th      David Moodley
5th      Dhishant Hariram
Grade 11:
Grade 11s

Grade 11s

1st      Rashae Govender
2nd      Vidhan Singh
3rd      Abdul Osman
4th      Thirushan Pather
5th      Mohammed Shaikjee
Grade 10:
Grade 10s

Grade 10s

1st      Adam Mohamed
2nd      Mas’ood Bassa
3rd      Mchyle Govender
4th      Deshlan Pillay
5th      Muhammad Ghuman
Grade 9XX:
Grade 9XX

Grade 9XX

1st      Naseem Essa
2nd      Sharik Ramjee
3rd      Nathan Del Fava
Grade 9:
Grade 9s

Grade 9s

1st      Jadin Dayanund
2nd      Mikail Kreuzer
3rd      Asher Knox-Davies
4th      Tusani Mthembu
5th      Shaylin Naidoo
Grade 8:
Grade 8s

Grade 8s

1st      Yash Haricharan
2nd      Darian Robert
3rd      Owen Morgenrood & Michael Russell
5th      Connor Dewing
Good luck in the June Exams, Gentlemen … we are sure that you will continue to excel!