Mrs Glossop, Mr Flannagan, Mrs Neave, Mr Balkissoon, Ms Smith
Mrs Glossop, Mr Flannagan, Mrs Neave, Mr Balkissoon, Ms Smith

Sadly, we had to bid farewell to a few of our staff members at the end of this year.
Treasure Neave, Head of Department, and Audrey Glossop, Maths, are both retiring. Mrs Neave has taught accounting at Durban High School for 22 years and Mrs Glossop taught Maths for 18 years. They have both served our school well and will be missed.
By Mr Norton:
Treasure started at School in March 1998, coming from the Open Air School. Treasure was married to Bill and they were a common sight at rugby games at School as Bill was a proud Old Boy.
Treasure is an excellent Accounting teacher and the results her boys have achieved is testimony to this. Over the years, it has been interesting watching new members of the Business Department get taken in under her wing, shown the ropes, guided and then set free to excel!
It is no surprise that Treasure is highly respected by her colleagues and boys. She is intelligent, committed, dedicated and compassionate. Treasure is a social butterfly and loves a good story, and believe me, I have hear many over the years!
I have always referred to Treasure as “Gran”, but in many ways she has been a backup Mom for me at work. Treasure leaves a massive hole at School and one which cannot be filled. I will miss having to fix her hairdryer, fit the odd plug, helping and giving advice on her car and obviously giving her a hard time!
Treasure – on behalf of all the staff that have taught with you and all the boys you have taught over the last 22 years, we wish you well as you enter a new phase in your life, but know our deep gratitude for your life time of giving and guiding.
God Bless!
From Mrs Neave:
I joined the DHS family in April 1998 as an Accounting teacher. I immediately felt the concept of “family”- staff, boys and Old Boys – a diverse group bound together by their passion and loyalty to “School”.
The boys often asked me why I did not become a Chartered Accountant. My answer was “because I love you”. They, in true boy style, were uncomfortable with my answer! However, that is the reality. I have loved teaching and I have loved teaching at DHS.
We tend to think that the behaviour of our youth has deteriorated. However, I rate the class called Grade 9S (Mr Shore) of 2001 as the naughtiest group I taught! Are you out there 9S? You are probably just as (or more) successful than the “Uppers”.
My most unusual memory is being hijacked in 2005 on the DHS/Northwood train to Johannesburg to participate in the KES/Jeppe weekend. At the time I was the MIC of tennis (Master in Charge??).
To the Staff: Many of you have become dear friends and I will miss the fun, the caring environment and robust discussions.
To the boys: Gentlemen embrace your time at DHS. Socialise and participate! Never forget the values that have been taught for the last 153 years.
My blood will remain BLUE!
Treasure Neave
HOD & Accounting Teacher
By Mr R Smyth:
It is my privilege this morning to honour Mrs Audrey Glossop and her superb contribution to the Mathematics Department at DHS.
Audrey joined School in May 2001. This qualifies her as the longest serving member of staff in this Department.
In true mathematician style this leads us to have to solve the following problem:
If Teacher A served a school for 18 years, taught 5 classes per year filled with an average of 25 pupils, how many pupils did she teach?
Answer – ±2250
That statistic is by any standard an outstanding contribution to the education of young men right here in Durban. Audrey is a gentle, yet firm, educator, she does not experience the negative attitudes and associated rebellious behaviour of disillusioned young teenagers because she is so talented at her job. Her secret is she cares for the boys, she convinces them that they can succeed. She motivates, encourages and inspires the boys to keep working.
Audrey is first and foremost a good Mathematician. It is this knowledge and extensive experience that Audrey employs to support her colleagues. Her willingness to assist and her passion to support everyone is no better demonstrated than by the Maths WhatsApp group – she is almost always the instigator of a query or first to reply or respond to a question.
Audrey has experience very serious medical challenges, including cancer, she has been as grave and determined as anyone I know. You are strong, resilient and tough, you have fought hard and now deserve good health!
On the lighter side – I must take this opportunity share with you that Audrey, however, cannot throw anything away – after all, it may be important someday. On this score we may understand why she had such an extensive collection of portfolios and books, etc, in her classroom!
Whilst I am aware you have been clearing out your classroom, Audrey, just know that you have made a notable impact on you colleagues and pupils’ memories which can’t and won’t be cleaned away. You will be missed.
Let me finish by wishing you all the best for your retirement. It is time to slow down and spend more time with your husband, John.
From Mrs Glossop:
It is my privilege to write an article on a school which I am very proud of and which I have loved being a part of and teaching Mathematics at, for 18 years, and from which I am now retiring. It has also been my privilege to watch DHS pupils develop over their years into well-educated, responsible and mature young adults well prepared to follow their chosen careers.
I have been associated with DPHS and DHS for 31 years. My eldest son Greg is a founder pupil of the Junior Primary Division of DPHS. He matriculated at DHS in 1999. My younger son Darren completed his Matric at DHS in 2004.
I have thoroughly enjoyed teaching the pupils of DHS and will miss them very much. I will also miss the Department of Education Matric marking which I have been appointed to for the past 16 years.
The staff of all of the departments of DHS have been truly wonderful for all of my time at DHS; my own Maths Department headed by Rob Smyth for whom I have a great deal of respect, our very efficient administration department, our Media Centre, marketing, maintenance and ground staff, security and Management of DHS headed by Mr Pinheiro who is leading the school so very well.
For the future I will be doing some private Mathematics tutoring but mainly I am looking forward to spending a lot more time with my husband John, who is doing well with bed and breakfast accommodation in our cottages, and my wonderful family, Lauren and Jason, Sue and Greg, Sian and Darren and especially a lot of time with my two (and one-on- the-way) beautiful granddaughters, Rachel, Katherine and “baby”.
Audrey Glossop
Mathematics Educator
Two further staff members who have left after a number of years of service are Mike Balkissoon, who is also retiring after teaching English at our school for 8 years, and Kirsten Smith, who has taught Drama here also for 8 years.
Jason Flannagan, has left after teaching history for 2 years.

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