Top 5 in the Grade : Term 4 2019

Congratulations to the following young men of Durban High School who placed in the Top 5 in their Grade for Term 4 of 2019:
Grade 11 (2019)
1st           Talon Sewnath
2nd          Thiyashan Pillay
3rd           Sachen Pather
4th           Mas’ood Bassa
5th           Shukvir Mothilall

Top 5 in Grade 11
Top 5 in Grade 11

Grade 10XX (2019):
1st           Sharik Ramjee
2nd          Shaphan Govender
Top 2 in Grade 10 XX
Top 2 in Grade 10 XX

Grade 10 (2019):
1st           Mikail Kreuzer
2nd          Tusani Mthembu
3rd           Jadin Dayanund
4th           Asher Knox-Davies
5th           Elijah Chetty
Top 5 in Grade 10
Top 5 in Grade 10Grade 9XX (2019):

1st           Nureldin Mohamed
2nd          Yadav Nunnan
Top 2 in Grade 9 XX
Top 2 in Grade 9 XX

Grade 9 (2019):
1st           Michael Russell
2nd          Darian Robert
3rd           Haricharan Yash
4th           Connor Dewing
5th           Ashutosh Maraj
Top 5 in Grade 9
Top 5 in Grade 9

Grade 8 (2019):
1st           Abhay Nunan
2nd          Dino Veludo
2nd          Finnley Wyllie
4th           Kian Rama
5th           Kyle McCalgan
Top 5 in Grade 8
Top 5 in Grade 8

Grade 8XX (2019):
1st           Zane Williamson
2nd          Sahil Bandulal
Top 2 in Grade 8XX
Top 2 in Grade 8XX

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