Message to the DHS Family from our Head Prefect of 2020

Quincy Hitler
It is day 8 of the national lockdown and we are now well into uncharted territory.
Venturing into unchartered territory is always an uncomfortable and somewhat fearful process; this time is no exception. It is during these times of doubt and uncertainty that we must unify as brothers in blue and gold.

Never has our country experienced what we currently are, and it is definitely taking its toll on each and every one of us. However, this is not the first time the school on the hill has faced adversity, and today, 154 years later, we still stand proud and you all.
This will not break us if each one of us plays our part and follows the instructions of the government to mitigate the dire situation we find ourselves in.
I am aware that it is difficult. Having to be cooped up whole day can very quickly begin to make us feel like prisoners in our own homes. Before we succumb to the temptation of wanting to unnecessarily venture outdoors, let us remind ourselves of why we are being restricted in the first place and of the sheer gravity of the situation.
As each of us go through this let us remember that we do not stand alone. Not only do we have our fellow brothers in blue and gold, but so do we have the rest of the country, and the rest of the world. Let us take advantage of this unity to help us endure this period together, as a united front.
To my fellow brothers, and especially the matrics, let us view this not as an extended holiday, but as a time to work. Our teachers are doing their best to ensure we have study and learning material, let us not take this for granted and show our appreciation of their efforts by doing what is expected of us so that we have a smooth transition into term 2, whenever that may be.
None of us know for certain when this storm will pass so all that we can do is to adhere to the instructions given to us by the government as best we possibly can, and to pray this comes to an end soon. Remember that short term pain results in long term gain, meaning the sacrifices we make now will prove fruitful when this storm has abated, and we can return to our normal lives.
Stand tall DHS. We have faced innumerable storms and come out victorious; this too shall pass I have faith that each one of us will play our parts in the true DHS spirit.
Deo Fretus, My Brothers!
Quincy Liam Hitlter
Head Prefect 2020

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