Congratulations to Mr Sunil Bodasing!

Mr Sunil Bodasing

Durban High School would like to extend their congratulations to Mr Sunil Bodasing, HoD of Languages, on his appointment as Principal of Queensburgh High School.

Mr Bodasing joined DHS in 2001 as the Head of Department for Languages and Senior English teacher. Within the management of the school, Mr Bodasing served on various committees and teams at School, and went on to become Chief Marker for English Paper 1 and was appointed Acting Subject Advisor for English.

On the sporting side he served as Head of Football and as 1st XI Football coach, introducing a Football culture to DHS.

We wish you all the very best in your new post at Queensburgh High, Mr Bodasing, they are certainly most fortunate to have you, you are a loss to Durban High School.

A tribute was paid to Mr Bodasing at Senior Prize-Giving.


Ms Marlene Watermeyer

Mrs Marlene Watermeyer:

34 years … yes, 34 years of service from Ms Marlene Watermeyer!

We celebrate this incredible woman for her loyalty and service to School, which spans over three decades!

Thank you to one of our most special Afrikaans teachers, Ms Watermeyer.






Mrs Saloshana Nagiah

Mrs Saloshana Nagiah

2021 is the 21st year of service to DHS from the ever popular Afrikaans teacher, Mrs Nagiah! We congratulate her on her recent appointment as HoD of Languages

Mrs Nagiah joined School at the turn of the new millennium in 2000 and we have been so incredibly lucky and blessed to still have her on our staff.

Mrs Nagiah has deservedly worked her way up the ranks of our staff, and also goes above and beyond to contribute to the lives of our boys at School.

To name a few achievements, Mrs Nagiah is currently:
HoD of Languages, Pastoral Head of Grade 10, Head of our incredibly successful Cultural Activities, M-i-C for Chess at DHS, which under her guidance and expertise has become a national powerhouse.

Mrs Nagiah is also the main organiser/co-ordinator of the Matric Dance, as well as the driving force behind various fundraising activities such as The DHS Fashion Show and the selling of roses on Valentine’s Day.

We thank yet another DHS Legend for your selfless service towards our School.


Mrs Cynthia Jokazi

Ms Cynthia Jokazi:

21st year of service to another “second” mother to our boys, Blackmore House pupils in particular. Ms Cynthia Jokazi joined School in the year 2000 on a temporary contract, with the contract being converted to permanent employment a year later in 2001.

Ms Jokazi throughout the years has climbed positions which started with providing Laundry Service to Blackmore House, to Assistant Matron and she now also adds invaluable assistance to The Media Centre twice a week and whenever she is needed.

Ms Jokazi is easily one of the most popular Staff Members amongst both boys and staff due to her kind, loving and caring persona which are all constant characteristics of hers that are shown every single day.

Thank you Ma’m, and we hope to have you for many more years!




Ms Malini Subbiah

Mrs M Subbiah:

Two decades – 20 years of dedicated, selfless service to School by Mrs Subbiah!

2021 marks the 20th year for Mrs Subbiah at DHS since joining us 2001. Mrs Subbiah has been a stalwart in the Art Department at School, showing incredible guidance and advice along the way to our Art students due to her phenomenal talent.

We are very lucky at School to have many of her beautiful Art pieces hanging proudly on our walls, in particular the Staff Room.

Thank you Mrs Subbiah, we are truly lucky to have you!



Mrs Hilda Henley

Mrs H Henley:

We celebrate Mrs Henley for her incredible 19 years of service to School!

Mrs Henley is currently the Subject Head for Afrikaans as well as the Grade 11 Pastoral Head. She is also the former Head of Leadership.

On the sports field Mrs Henley has been very involved with Athletics and Cross Country. Her experience of 11 Comrades Marathons has no doubt contributed to the success of our Athletes over the years!

Mrs Henley joined DHS in 2002 and we are so blessed to have had her as an educator for all these years.

Thank you for all your incredible work and for all you still do for our boys.




Mr Rob Smyth

Mr Rob Smyth:

17 years and going strong!

Mr Smyth, who matriculated from School in 1983 continues to be a very popular figure amongst all boys and staff.

Mr Smyth is the HoD for Sciences, Grade Head of Grade 12 and teaches Physical Sciences. Prior to becoming HoD he was the Head of Discipline and Grade Head of Grade 8.

Thank you for your loyal services, Sir!



Mrs Michelle Girodo

Mrs M Girodo:

School is celebrating the 16th year of service this year of Mrs Girodo!

Mrs Girodo joined DHS in 2005 and has been an instrumental figure in both the Life Sciences (formerly Biology) as well as the Physical Sciences Departments ever since her arrival at School.

As shown on the opening episode of Chasing Mandela’s Dream and the impact Mrs Girodo had on Phendulani Buthelezi as an educator, Mrs Girodo has been a true asset to School whilst also making an immense contribution to the lives of our boys. Thank you for your outstanding service and loyalty to DHS!



Mr Ferai Matizakurima

Cum Laude for Mr F Matizakurima:

Congratulations to Mr Farai Matizakurima!

Mr Matizakurima has attained his Masters in Chemical Engineering, Cum Laude. DHS take enormous pride in the level of qualifications our educators hold, and Mr Matizakurima is a true example of this.

Mr Matizakurima currently teaches Mathematics in the esteemed Cambridge Academy of DHS.


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