A huge congratulations to our Class of 2021 on their Matric results, which were released on Friday 21 January; we are extremely proud of all of them.

One needs to take into perspective, not only the limitations of 2021, but also 2020, with the Covid-19 pandemic. Both these years were enormously challenging for the boys.

Boys thrive on routine. Rotational schooling and prolonged isolation periods broke this routine. However, through all of this, we have some outstanding results that we are exceptionally proud of:

Mikail Kreuzer
9 Distinctions
Nonpareil Academy

“Mikail has, from the start of high school, been an extremely committed and diligent learner. He has a vast knowledge and when it came to his work he was exceptionally focused and particular about understanding details. This made his studying more effective as he understood processes and was always able to give excellent and accurate explanations. An exceptional student all-round”

Ms Dickinson
Non Pareil Academy

Tusani Mthembu
8 Distinctions
Nonpareil Academy

“Tusani Mthembu is an outstanding all-round academic. He is a determined, fastidious student with an outstanding ability to sift through information and succeed in bringing important facts to the fore. He also has a goal-centred strategy with perfect time management and a strong moral compass.

Tusani is preparing to study towards Actuarial Sciences and he has all of the capabilities to achieve this with his honours.”

Ms C Dickinson
Nonpareil Academy

Jadin Dayanund

6 Distinctions

“Jadin Dayanund has shown himself to be a sound lad of good character and fine principles. He possesses a well-developed sense of duty. I commend his resilience toward academic excellence, he is truly a young man who has stood out in this respect throughout his schooling at Durban High School.

Jadin must also be recognized for his valuable contribution to the school cricket team.”

Mr E Thomas
Class Tutor

Asher Knox-Davies
7 Distinctions

“Asher at the beginning of the year, definitely decided that he had an end goal in mind and that was medicine. He wanted to study medicine and he knew he needed to get those marks in order to make that dream come true. His work rate at home, was such that his mum had to ask his teachers to please tell him to stop working so hard at home. He has a knack for enjoying his work at school, laid back, calm and happy all year. This was his happiest year at school. He knew what he wanted, he knew he could attain his goal, he knew he was putting in a huge effort at home and his work ethic was complete perfection.

Asher had such an incredible balance between his commitment to 1st team Basketball, his prefect duties and his friendships.”

Ms Dickinson
Nonpareil Academy

Barrie Knox-Davies with Head Master, Mr A D Pinheiro



Cambridge Achievers – Cambridge A Level Achievers
Nathan del Fava, Naseem Essa, Sharik Ramjee and Elijah Chetty all achieved 90s and high 80s

We wish of our Class of 2021 Gentlemen all the very best!