William Henry Davies’ poem Leisure begins with the words:

What is this life if, full of care,
We have no time to stand and stare.

On Friday, 17 February 2023, we at Durban High School did stop, and stare, and admire our talented Learners. The Junior Academic Awards Ceremony turned out to be a time well spent by every member of the audience. We were privileged to have Mr Andrew Pierre Möller (Class of 1983), Director and CEO of Citadel, as our Guest Speaker. He spoke to our Learners about many pertinent issues, yet threading all these thoughts together by words of encouragement. The pivotal point of his message was our Learners must have a dream, and a big one at that – then all else will emanate from that dream.

The Ceremony saw a celebration of the academic achievements of our Learners. There were 29 Grade 8 (2022) Learners who received academic accolades, while 28 Grade 9 (2022) Learners were recipient of accolades for their achievements. No less than 28 Grade 10 (2022) Learners received either half colours or colours, with six Learners earning honours. The Grade 11 (2022) Learners showed their academic prowess with 23 re-awards of half colours, colours and honours. There were a further five recipients of colours and two Learners earned honours for their academic endeavours.

We most certainly look forward to the next chapter in the academic journey of our Learners.

The entire Ceremony was enhanced by our talented Musicians who left the audience enthralled, speaking to our hearts with song and melody.

Our sincere thank you to all who made the Ceremony such a memorable occasion.

The Top 3 in each grade for November 2022 were as follows:

Grade 11:

Vadivelu Naiker – 1st in Grade 11
Afrikaans First Additional Language, Economics, Certificate of Merit

Watusila Mfumu – 2nd in Grade 11
Certificate of Merit

Emir Khan – 3rd in Grade 11
Certificate of Merit

Grade 11 AS Level : Second Year

Sahil Bandulal – 2nd In Grade 11
Computer Sciences, Economics

Zane Williamson – 1st in Grade 11
Biology, Mathematics, Physics

Grade 11 AS Level : First Year

Abhay Nunan – 1st in Grade 11
Biology, Computer Sciences

Tariq Ayyoub – 2nd in Grade 11

Jamie King – 3rd in Grade 11
Chemistry, Economics, Mathematics, Physics

Grade 10

Connor Rixon – 1st in Grade 10
Geography, Music, Physical Sciences, Certificate of Merit

Taresh Naidoo – 2nd in Grade 10
Life Sciences, Mathematics, Certificate of Merit

Keshan Pillay – 3rd in Grade 10
Information Technology, Life Sciences, Certificate of Merit

Grade 10 IGCSE

Joshua Loots – 1st Grade 10
Afrikaans, Biology, Chemistry, Cambridge International Maths

Ruben Peters – 1st in Grade 10
Afrikaans First Additional Language, Physics

Bryce Woolf – 2nd in Grade 10

Mika Smidt – 3rd in Grade 10

Grade 9

Nirav Ramjuguth – 1st in Grade 9
Afrikaans First Additional Language, Creative Arts, Mathematics, Social Sciences, Certificate of Merit

Thiren Naidoo – 2nd in Grade 9
Life Orientation, Natural Sciences, Technology, Certificate of Merit

Nivaan Chetty – 3rd in Grade 9
Afrikaans First Additional Language, Economic Management Sciences, Life Orientation, Certificate of Merit

Grade 9 IGCSE

Mika Ballim – 1st in Grade 9
Biology, Cambridge International Maths, Physics

Morgan Siljebrandt – 2nd in Grade 9
Afrikaans, Chemistry, Computer Sciences

Grade 8

Amaar Essack – 1st in Grade 8
Creative Arts, Mathematics, Social Sciences, Certificate of Merit

Matthew Mottram – 2nd in Grade 8
Life Orientation, Certificate of Merit

Koven Naicker – 3rd in Grade 8
Certificate of Merit