Top in Grade

Every term the Top Academic Achievers are recognized.

Top 5 in Grade : Mainstream & Nonpareil

Congratulations to the Top 5 in each grade in mainstream and the Nonpareil Academy for their outstanding results in Term 1.

The Top Achievers in each grade are as follows:

Grade 12:
1st           Watusila Mfumu
2nd          Vadivelu Naiker
3rd           Shaik Muhammad
4th           Jaden Dookie
5th           Nhlosenhle Ndimande, Kian Rama

Grade 11:
1st           Xanda Theologo
2nd          Connor Rixon
3rd           Brandon Steyn
4th           David Snyman
5th           Taresh Naidoo, Keshan Pillay

Grade 10:
1st           Siyabonga Chonco
2nd          Nivaan Chetty
3rd           Sayed Hoosen
4th           Nirav Ramjuguth
5th           Caleb Gounder


Grade 9:
1st           Matthew Mottram
2nd          Oyintanda Ngejane
3rd           Hasnayn Hamid
4th           Shalan Naidoo
5th           Kyle Phali

Grade 8:
1st           Zaakir Essack
2nd          Eben Peters
3rd           Cayden Diener
4th           Christian Pillay
5th           Jeddan Atkinson



Top 3 in Grade : Cambridge

The DHS Cambridge Academy has been producing results that are unmatched since its inception in 2018. 2023 has not disappointed. The Top Achievers for Term 1 excelled, receiving wonderful report cards that speak for themselves.

The Top Achievers in each grade are as follows:

Grade 12:
1st           Sahil Bandulal – 88% (A Level)
1st           Tariq Ayyoub – 88% (A Level)
3rd           Zane Williamson – 82% (A Level)


Grade 11:
1st           Bryce Woolf – 84% (AS Level)
2nd          Ruben Peters – 82% (AS Level)
3rd           Joshua Loots 81% (AS Level)



Grade 10:
1st           Morgan Siljebrandt – 91% (IGCSE Year 2)
2nd          Mika Ballim – 89% (IGCSE Year 2)
3rd           Alexander Blyth – 85% (IGCSE Year 2)



Grade 9:
1st           Amaar Essack – 90% (IGCSE Year 1)
2nd          Ariz Lalljee – 87% (IGCSE Year 1)
3rd           Ayush Sewpaul – 86% (IGCSE Year 1)


Well done to these young gentlemen of Durban High School on their excellent results.


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